How To Get Beautiful White Nails After Nail Polish In 7 Tips


How to get beautiful white nails visible contact area, hands reflect an important part of our femininity. Pretty polish, manicured nails, skin hydrated … You spend hours to take care of their beauty. But unfortunately, you have trouble keeping your nails white. Do not worry, nothing is impossible! To whiten your nails effectively,

Beautiful White Nails In Simple Step

Beautiful White Nails

Here are some home solutions or not to adopt without delay.

Clean Nails

We can not expect to have beautiful white nails without going through the cleaning step. Our hands in constant contact with the outside are real nest microbes who like to stay especially under the fingernails. It is therefore crucial for the clean whiteness but also for cleanliness.

For perfect hygiene nails, get you a nail brush (commercially available), soap and a water bowl. If you have brittle nails, use a soap rich in glycerin.

Put the soap in the water bowl, then towards the microwave for two minutes. Leave to soak your fingers in the five minutes before mixing dislodge dirt from under the nails with the brush an operation to repeat at least once a week.

Tip: warm water softens cuticles; take the opportunity to push the box with a stick.

Beautiful White Nails

The layers of nail polish repeatedly, tobacco, poor maintenance… can leave marks on your nails. To overcome small yellow spots or really yellowed nails, go to step the shutout.

But you can pretty much create your own whitening bath. For this, you need the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of baking soda and a bowl of warm water. Mix all ingredients and dip your fingers three minutes in the bowl. At the exit, the nails stronger and whiter!

Tricks To Keep Beautiful White Nails

  1. – Avoid putting the dark nail polish directly to the nail; always apply a protective base in advance;
  2. – Adopt bath lemon reflex as explained above, or by rubbing it directly on the nail;
  3. – You can also rub your nails with a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar;
  4. – Keep baking soda on hand; a little of this magic powder on an old toothbrush can clean and whiten the nail;
  5. – If you hurry, you can find commercially whitening powders to be mixed with water and whitening bases to apply as a nail polish;
  6. – The last solution, to be used only rarely: hydrogen peroxide. It whitens the nail with tremendous efficiency, but fragile. After each laundering nails, do not forget to moisturize your hands!

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