You Want To Clean Your Beauty Blender? Then Put It In The Microwave


How to clean your beauty blender in the microwave:

Because: Thanks to the microwave, you get your beauty blender clean again. And all without annoying scrubbing and rinsing. Do not you think? Well, watch it!

The microwave is one of our favorite kitchen utensils: fast the food of the day before, set time – Zack it is warm. From time to time we also use it for baking and make a small cupcake in it. Which we have never associated with our microwave guaranteed beauty products. Until now!

You Want To Clean Your Beauty Blender

1. Take a fireproof / microwave-compatible container and fill it with a mixture of soap and water. Caution: Do not make the jar too full!

2. Hold your Beauty Blender under the tap and let it soak in water. Then place it in the bowl so that it is at least halfway covered with water. (A dry Beauty Blender would just float on the surface because it’s too light!)

3. Set your microwave to the maximum wattage and let run the soap-water mixture including Beauty Blender a minute in it.

4. Bing! Take your mixture out of the microwave, let it cool a little and push out the sponge over the sink. It has its original color back, the water, however, is colored brown by the whole make-up remainder. Check!

From brown to pink: This Twitter user shows the effect:

Instead of a microwave: This is how you get the beauty blender clean
Those who do not have a microwave oven at home make the best of these cleaning products.

If you do not trust the microwave tactic, you can clean your beauty blender with another combination of household remedies. For this, you can use a combination of olive oil and detergent, which you massage into the wet sponge. Then express under clear water. Even so, she will be clean again in an instant!

By the way: The washing machine is an absolute no-go! The Beauty Blender and is broken afterward.

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