Beauty Care ingredient: Just a Grain of Salt to Be the Most Beautiful!


Cosmetics to make yourself do not you excited? These few examples simplifies could make you change your mind. And because they contain a magic ingredient that has ALL home: salt.

Salt: an essential ingredient beauty!, Beauty Care ingredient, Just a Grain of Salt to Be the Most Beautiful!
Salt: an essential ingredient beauty!

Discover on SheLookBook.Com unsuspected effects of salt on your beauty in five recipes.

The Face Scrub

Any dermatologist will tell you, best not to overuse scrubs. They can sensitize the skin and even have the opposite effect to that intended: cause imperfections. Add to this the fact that the fine exfoliating particles they contain may not be biodegradable … scrubs would wreak havoc on the environment.

A solution to overcome this: the homemade body scrub made from salt and honey. It vanishes completely in the rinse water and in addition, honey softens the skins battered. It is less irritating than a traditional scrub and naturally antibacterial. To prepare, mix honey and sea salt end so as to form an easily malleable paste and the right amount for a single use.

The Body Scrub

In the same vein as the scrub for the face, body scrub salt is a care home is very effective, cheap and easy. This time, for the care sufficiently exfoliant, it is better to turn to salt. It can be mixed with brown sugar to improve its exfoliating power. To link, it is recommended to use a bit of coconut oil not too liquid (include coconut butter “ointment,” as in the kitchen!).

The Mist Styling Beach Back Effect

Why spend money in a spray wavy effect while you can do it yourself? Just mix the right ingredients in the right amount to get a care styling effect back from the beach. To achieve it, you have an empty spray bottle. With a capacity of 100ml, counting just under 100ml of water (the other ingredients should be room). It mixing a teaspoon of sea salt, a level teaspoon of hair gel and a level teaspoon of coconut oil. Water must be heated so that the ingredients are mixed better. It stirs it all and is applied to the lengths, dry or wet.

The Ultra Natural Toothpaste

Tired of these chemical substances toothpaste full of barbarous names? Go for the homemade toothpaste and natural. What you need to prepare: 20 drops of essential oil of peppermint, two tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of coconut oil, one teaspoon of salt. The mixture can be stored up to 6 months. Similarly, one can also make salt water gargles to fight bad breath and small sore throat.

The Anti-Dandruff Care

Oops, dry scalp? This can be remedied by using a salt scrub, on the scalp. Just sprinkle salt on his head and gently massage the skull. It’s strange but effective. Of course, a shampoo is needed after the treatment!

Note that for all these recipes, use sea salt, Guérande salt type or Camargue, to grind more or less finely depending on needs.

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