The Beauty Of Evolution Gigi Hadid + What Hairstyles + Makeup


At only age 21, Gigi Hadid is part of the cream of the crop of models of the moment. But the beautiful blonde frequents the modeling industry for a long time.

Daughter of model Yolanda Hadid and Sister Bella Hadid, Gigi already posed for the Guess when she was little. And not only has not changed porridge but in addition, level up and hairstyle, she has her trademark. A real beauty lesson alone…

Difficult to talk about “evolution” beauty when it comes to Gigi Hadid. It’s simple; we feel it is ALWAYS at the top since.

When she asked for Guess between seven and ten years old, she had already pretty mug we know today.

Check out my interview with @kmarcianocre8 at• Grateful to have been her muse over the years.. She’s been wonderful teacher and supporter since day one. Much love.

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Gigi Hadid Hairstyles

Close your eyes and imagine yourself Gigi Hadid. With what hairstyle you see? With long loose hair of course!

There are few occasions where we see the sultry blonde with hair attached.

To her eternal twister beach waves or smooth brushing, Gigi Hadid nevertheless a favorite trick: the wet look effect. With roots wet patch back an infinite length in the back, she concocts a pointed hairdo but effortlessly.

Long hair eternal Gigi Hadid

Its splendid blond hair sufficient in them, Gigi is not adept innovative haircuts or effect “new head”.

She appeared again in 2015 on the red carpet with a square short tapered. It was THE capillary scoop the American Music Awards. But it was a fake! Half wig, specifically.

Always slightly degraded secret of her beautiful volume, the haircut Gigi is long or not! And in the end, we prefer it that way, the beautiful Dutch-Palestinian.

The beauty layout Gigi Hadid, while discretion

Gigi makeup in one word? Nude! Nude, nude, nude. But always with a touch more. A glitter eyelid for example, or a rosy blush.

Sometimes Gigi adopts a fatal woman look with a light smoky eye or eyeliner in doe eyes. But she can never do too much.

In the mouth is often the natural prevails, otherwise a slightly glossy pink. So much so that when Gigi adopts mouth red or purple, it detonates!

>> Enjoy the beauty course no fault of Gigi Hadid in this slideshow.


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