Top 6 Beauty Secrets! These Beauty Care Tips and Treatments are trendy in 2021


Ideas of beauty have adapted to perfectly filtered and selfie. the need for beauty treatments has increased dramatically.

Use ice

If you wake up with puffy eyes, don’t worry. Calmly take the small ice cube and apply it gently to the eye. Or simply take 2 stainless steel spoons needed in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes and put on the eyes. You will see the “soul window” quickly return to its normal state.


Many people believe that white skin needs sunscreen to maintain skin color. This is completely wrong. In addition, when applying sunscreen should not ignore any areas, from face to body.

Use a brush for the face

This is a very handy solution for busy women. This brush / brush will help cleanse, exfoliate your skin while massaging the blood circulation. If you maintain this habit for a while, you will notice a noticeable change in your skin.

Use conditioner when the skin is damp

Apply moisturizer when the surface of your skin is a little damp after washing your face. This is a great tip for women with chloasma and dry skin. When applied at this point, your skin will absorb more of the nutrients in the cream.

Cosmetics as expensive as possible

This is a myth and will puncture the pockets of the believer if you believe it. There’s no research showing that the more expensive a product, the more beautiful your skin is. Need to know, everyone has different skin and need to find the right product to have positive changes.

Use lipsticks that contain SPF

Their lips are so thin that they are very susceptible to damage and also need sun protection. A smart believer should buy lipsticks that contain SPF.

An anti-aging cream to remove wrinkles

This is a myth next in the beauty process of many believers. Women in particular are easy to believe in cosmetic advertisements that are flattering in the blue clouds about anti-aging products. In fact, this cream only works to prevent, reduce and slow the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, but cannot completely lose them.

Gently manipulate

Your skin is like a baby, you should gently pat them in every action, from washing your face, applying cream to exfoliation. Even when using hand or cleaning tools, the side should remember to be gentle to avoid damage to the skin.

Wash your face in the morning

If you don’t have the habit of washing your face in the morning, think again and do it differently. In fact, when we fall asleep. the skin starts to get rid of dirt and oil. Therefore, there is a phenomenon that the surface of the skin is often shiny every time you wake up.



The word comes from English and is a fusion of tweaking (dt. Finely adjusting) and treatmen. (German treatment). What does that mean in concrete terms?

It’s the same with your own facial features.

The trend towards more naturalness is justified in the digital age.


In the future, fillers will no longer only be used for conventional corrections.


Body sculpting has established itself as a non-invasive alternative to conventional liposuction.

It is supposed to break down fat cells and sustainably strengthen muscle growth. The device is designed to use concentrated electromagnetic energy to generate contractions that turn fat cells into muscles.

The highlight: The extremely intense impulses on the muscles produce substances. the body that something is not normal.


As the demand for cosmetic surgery and injections increases, the age of the patients will decrease.

Botox a neurotoxin and mainly used to smooth out wrinkles. The age of the patients falling steadily.

02- Tweakments

What does that mean? “Tweak” comes from English and means “fine-tune”.

The same goes for the lips. The trend is (luckily) back towards more naturalness.

The special thing about it: The intense impulses on the muscles produce substances that stimulate the body that something is wrong.

04- Lip lifting

The treatment lasts around an hour and requires local anesthesia, as small cuts with a scalpel are necessary.

This pulls up the top of the lip and makes the lip appear larger.

05- Labia correction

This primarily refers to the reduction, tightening, or adjustment of the small inner labia – often in connection with a previous birth.

06- Unicorn lifting

A serum extracted from your own blood, which reduces the chronic inflammatory reaction of the skin. The effect: improved skin firmness, increased collagen production, and more moisture.

Fortunately, it is up to you whether you indulge in the trend of self-optimization and undergo the listed beauty treatments.

Would you undergo one of the treatments and are you advocates of cosmetic surgery? Take part in our survey and vote below!

Top 6 Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets That Simple!

The advent of technology in the world of beauty, you might be able to get beauty in a short time.

1. To cope with dry hair the usual way is to use simple and conditioner.

2. Use Liquid Eyeliner Dot between the petals eye is a simple and give the impression of beautiful eyes.

3. For dry lips can dab of sugar on your lips several times a week. Or smear honey on your lips.

4. For prevent acne compress to your face with warm water to drain off the blood circulation to the face and use some natural masks like tomatoes cucumbers or other.

To keep the glitter makeup

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