Latest Beauty Trends To Adopt in 2018


2018 will be your year beauty, one in which you dare test the latest fashions.

Beauty Trends To Adopt in 2014

To help you master the colors and the right moves to take this year and become a pro makeup, here is a point of all beauty trends to come.

Mouth Flashy

As shy as they take on this year mouths are both colorful and flashy. From red to orange, the colors will pop on the lips with a novelty though: the shaded lip after the eyes and hair, shading gatecrashes our mouths. It consists of a gradient of two colors, dark color defining the lip contour and highlighting the lighter color applied to the inside.

Colored Eyes

Kohl and eyeliner will once again the stars of our pupils. It is applied graphics with a comma in the outer corner, transforming you into an icon of the 1950s, or more supported style smoky eye, Kohl spends years successfully and all trends. Note that in 2018, there will be a colorful pop effect. Effect supported by a matching eyeshadow that will bring brilliance, brightness, and originality to your makeup Trend also metallic eyeshadow that will give you a little futuristic.


With lips and eyes so colorful, complexion will be more discreet. With a mortifying powder to prevent shine, most will give your skin uniformity and discretion not to fall into the style doll limits of vulgarity a rise of a sudden blush bronze.

And the color trend of the year?

Pink is the color of the light spring-summer season. The fingertips to eyeshadow, pink are assumed. Not pastel but too discreet pink farting, who sees and affirms our femininity.

Daring but why not?

If there is a trend that will be more difficult to carry out processions is the liner up. A technique that involves depositing just above the eyelid with a pencil colored. Attention is a tendency to follow only if you assume and master the right thing!

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