Colorful Eye Shadow Tutorial With Makeup Beauty Look


Colorful Eye Shadow Blending Tutorial & Makeup Tips

Women always want to look gorgeous at every occasion. They often perform several experiments. Many women today love to play with their makeup. You can also do some experiments in terms of fashion as well as makeup.

Beauty With Colorful Eye Shadow

One important element in the makeup is eye shadow. As we know the eyes are the part that will show the beauty of the face. Choosing the right eye shadow to your eye will make you look more fresh and beautiful.

Many women who like to play with some eye shadow colors. Some of them also put various kinds of colors to make it look more cheerful. For those of you who are also interested in using eye shadow on the eye you should know some of the rules below.

Beauty With Colorful Eye Shadow

Some tips below will help you to appear more beautiful with colorful eye shadow.

Here are some tips for women who want to look beautiful.

First: You do not need to wear eye shadow that is too thick in the eyelids. Do a thin layer to make it look more natural.

Secondly: For those who have skin tends to be white can choose the color of bright and dark eye shadow as they pleased. All colors will make look pretty.

Beauty With Colorful Eye Shadow

Third: For those who have a bit of a dark colored skin, you should be careful in choosing colors for your eye makeup. Choose the color orange yellow and green so that more eyes looking fresh.

Fourth: Your eye shadow makeup would not be complete without the use of eyeliner. Eyeliner makeup will make you more powerful and assertive. Should not put excessive eyeliner too.

Beauty With Colorful Eye Shadow

Fifth: Women are usually not satisfied with its eyelashes; you can use false eyelashes and do not forget to add the right mascara. Does not layering mascara many times as it will clot?

All your eye makeup is colorful would be perfect if it comes with a natural lipstick and not too flashy. You will appear confident with your best eye makeup this.

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