5 Super Foods To Eat Before Pregnancy


Super foods to eat before pregnancy these nutritious foods will help your body get the best preparation before pregnancy.
This is a great time to review your diet as a whole. Before pregnancy If you’re eating more junk food, especially pastries, the ammunition they need to take off the menu because not only nutritionally beneficial, they can cause damage to your body as leading to surge in blood sugar, causing weight gain.

Before Pregnancy
5 Super Foods

Best Foods To Eat Before Pregnancy

Before pregnancy if you are overweight, need to consider weight loss as it is conducive to conception. However, should not exceed 0.5 kg / week by reducing calories and excessive exercise also causes hinder conception.

1.Trai Trees And Vegetables

5 Super Foods To Eat Before Pregnancy
Fruits And Vegetables Will Help Better Conception (illustration)

Before pregnancy use fruits and vegetables daily is a good habit will help provide nutrients and antioxidants needed to support the body’s inflammation reduction. In particular, the dark green vegetables would be better in the folic acid supplement for the body.

2. Milk

5 Super Foods To Eat Before Pregnancy
Milk Provides Calcium And Protein For The Body.

Dairy products are essential to prepare the mother’s body in the future by the amount of calcium and protein rich. If you do not want to raise too much weight, can choose low-fat milk. However, you should also note that because of the new study confirms women use whole milk will reduce the risk of infertility. Experts said the fat in milk will provide the necessary nutrients for your body before pregnancy.

3. Omega-3

5 Super Foods To Eat Before Pregnancy
Omega 3 To Give Your Body A Healthy Fat. (Illustration)

When you’re pregnant, omega-3 is good for baby’s brain development. Omega 3 is also great when added in the diet before pregnancy because these are healthy fats to keep the hormone to function properly, help you conceive more easily. Sources of omega-3 can be found in all kinds of walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds …

4. Folic Acid

If you plan to become pregnant in the near future, the need to ensure your diet supplemented with folic acid include whole grain cereals, vegetables, and fruits. You need an amount of 400-600mg of folic acid daily before pregnancy and 800 mg during pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of birth defects.

5. Intake Of Protein

5 Super Foods To Eat Before Pregnancy
Foods High In Protein Are Encouraged to Use Before Pregnancy.

A study conducted on couples having trouble with fertility suggests diet high in protein will help with pregnancy easier. The experts confirmed the selection of the diet containing 25% protein and 40% carbohydrates will help improve the quality of eggs and double the pregnancy rate in IVF patients. You should supplement the eggs, egg whites, chicken, and fish, especially rich in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon.

If you are vegetarian, you can also use beans contain a lot of healthy protein, iron and other essential nutrients.

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