The Benefits Of Vanilla In My Diet + Vanilla Sugar And Vanilla Chicken


Vanilla is a spice derived from the fruit of an orchid, mainly produced in Madagascar and Indonesia. Everybody cracks for its inimitable fragrance, true invitation to travel. It was by picking up the fruits of this flower and intoxicating itself with its smell that the Mexicans would have had the idea to taste it but how to cook it well and get all the benefits?

Sublimate your sugar with vanilla

The vanilla beans are certainly more expensive to buy than the vanilla sugar, but they enable a large amount of natural vanilla sugar. Tip: to obtain a good homemade vanilla sugar, split 4 to 5 vanilla pods and gently mix the seeds obtained with 1 kilo of sugar.

This one will soak in a few days of the aroma of vanilla. Be careful, however, to keep naturally vanilla sugar away from light, moisture, and heat, in order to benefit from its aroma for several months.

Prefer storage in glass containers or jars. Vanilla sugar and directed has a great advantage: it allows curbing its consumption of sugar, the smell of vanilla affecting appetite suppressant recognized.

Vanilla to relax

The smell of vanilla is a sweet smell that calls for appeasement. Each vanilla pod, depending on its provenance, has a different perfume. The vanilla of Mexico has a finer flavor, while Madagascar vanilla has a stronger aroma.

Leave vanilla extracts or artificial vanillin as much as possible to get the best out of the benefits of this spice, as these preparations do not contain enough natural vanilla.

Add a little vanilla or vanilla sugar to your tea or cook a little hot milk with the contents of a pod, and relax! Indeed, vanilla has the reputation of being antidepressant and would help fight insomnia.

Vanilla and its digestive benefits

Vanilla is also particularly conducive to digestion because it regulates the production of gastric juices. Also, why not use it for salty dishes? In addition to being original, the salty recipes based on vanilla make it possible to decrease the dose of salt.

Vanilla chicken remains an absolute must to test. For this, take four chicken cutlets that you cut into small pieces. Sauté a chopped onion in olive oil and add the chopped chicken pieces.

Once they have a nice color, decorate with a little garlic, seeds of a vanilla pod, a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of curry. Finish cooking the chicken a few minutes, adding a little cream of coconut to perfect this dish at once soft and spicy.

This recipe does not need to be salty (or very little) and the vanilla will fine-tune the taste of the chicken. The icing on the cake (with vanilla necessarily!): Vanilla would be the aphrodisiac … So, we no longer hesitate and consume without moderation!

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