The Best Micellar Water For A Soft Makeup Removal


Makeup Removal: The micellar water, it is both the effectiveness of cleansing oil combined with the comfort of cleansing milk. Result in the cleansing micellar water continues to prove popular, even among the pros.

How to choose micellar water among the most known brands such as Nuxe, Avene or Bioderma: they tell you everything!

For well cleansing, each goes off the small preferences.

  • Cleansing Wipes,
  • The Cleansing Milk,
  • Cleansing Oil,
  • The Cleansing Foam
  • The cleansing glove.

But if there is a good method for removing makeup that wins all the votes, especially among professional make-up is the micellar water.

Micellar Water

The micellar water, what is it?

Originally created for sensitive skin, the Micellar Water is a soft promise of removing makeup with its formulation that leaves skin feeling fresh but also comfort, ensuring a perfect make-up removal.

Water micellar organic keepsake?

No surprise if I tell you that the water micellar bio is specifically formulated to reduce (almost nothing) the risk of allergies. Our micellar water organic heart stroke?

  • – Water Micelle Barbara Gould, available in the maxi format, but at bargain prices,
  • – The micellar water purity Corine de Farme with 97% natural ingredients in its formula!

What micellar water for my dry and sensitive skin?

If your skin is dry and/or sensitive, so it is imperative to choose micellar water that contains a soothing and softening to calm irritated skin.

Our micellar water for dry and sensitive skin Favorite? – Water micellar soothing cleansing Sensibiafine, – Water micellar cleansing sensitive skin Nivea – Water spa Micellaire normal to dry skin Uriage.

What micellar water for my normal skin?

If you have normal to combination skin, the micellar water for which you must choose should enhance your hydrolipid and fight against free radicals that attack the skin.

Our favorite micellar water for normal skin?

  • – The micellar lotion Avene,
  • – The micellar solution Sensibio Bioderma H20,
  • – Water micellar to Nuxe rose petals.

But enough chatter!

Discover without delay the best micellar water for removing makeup gently.


11. Bioderma

Water micellar Bioderma
Sensibio H2O Solution micellar
€ 14.50


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