Best Short HairStyle


Style your hair will also be very influential to your appearance. Not only does it make up and clothing that will add your beauty hairstyle also became an important point for those of you who want to look perfect. Here are some of the best lists of 2014’s hairstyle.

Halle Berry has inspired all women with her Pixie haircut spiky. Halle Berry looked elegant as well as sporty with a short haircut. Halle did not hesitate to cut her beautiful hair to air haircut men’s style like this. Although it looks like a male haircut, Halle really clever her hair to make it look more elegant by giving effect ‘spike’ on the fringe.Best Short HairStyle

Hairstyle which looks trendy next is Rachel’s Swingly layers. Rachel looks more beautiful with her hair that seem formal but still elegant.

Haircuts layered look all in front of a styled hair begin inward or blow. Hairstyle like this can create the impression of a gaunt face so it’s perfect for those of you who crave gaunt face shape to look more beautiful and ideal.
Best Short HairStyle 2

Hairstyle that shows little long hair with front bangs eyebrows as high as it still seems to be a trend in the year 2014.

Unlike Korean Style featuring a front bangs hair very straight, effacing hairstyle straight hair texture but slightly wavy at the ends of your hair.

In order to look more beautiful you can do a little style your hair blow in the end. You will definitely look like a Barbie with a very elegant hairstyle is.

Best Short HairStyle 1

Again a short haircut like a man who is now favored by women today. Unlike Halle Berry hairstyle belongs to spike her style, hairstyle this one looks more classic.

The impression may be seen in the classic style without any touch of hair made with a certain style. Only with additional tilt bangs this hairstyle will still give the impression of simple and beautiful.

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