Beyonce Beauty Look Book At the Grammy Awards

Beyonce Beauty Look BookBeyonce Beauty Look Book on the Grammy Awards, it’s an opportunity not to criticize or dresses the stars on the red carpet but also an opportunity to decipher the most beautiful make-up and hairstyles most successful…

Eagerly awaited on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2013, Beyonce appears in a bicolor combination Osman signed. While we expect to see in an evening dress chic and hot, Beyonce surprises us with this look but as usual Beyoncé emerges as one of the stars at the rated beauty Held a rather traditional, accessorized by a bracelet on each wrist and a black pouch For Grammy Awards 2013, Beyonce put on sobriety. Level make-up and hair is the same Beyoncé does not follies. A makeup but effective with this lipstick gives immediately a glamorous look to Beyonce and her hair nothing folichon-folichon just a low ponytail super smooth.

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Again, Beyoncé shows us what she does best it’s natural. We had even seen Beyonce without makeup repeat Super Bowl 2013. Grammy Awards 2013, Beyonce put on makeup so simple with just the eyeliner and lipstick. A glamorous and natural we love and who also likes boys elsewhere. Anyway that night in Los Angeles, Beyonce played the good girls with a classic outfit a make-up and hairstyle with 0 bit escaping at the same time when you are naturally beautiful as Beyonce, no need to make tons even to the evening of the Grammy Awards 2013.

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All that the world of music is like superstars had made ​​an appointment for an evening of glamour and a real show in the U.S. presented by LL Cool J. If Adele had triumphed in 2012, this year there is something for all tastes, from Beyoncé to her husband Jay-Z, now inevitable and the group fun Also winners of the 2013 edition, the Black Keys Mumford & Sons and Gotye Somebody That I which used to know continues to rage.

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The question is not who was at the Grammy Awards but was not. The red carpet rolled out for the occasion at Staples Center has seen the highest rated artists of the moment and the young women pulled out their outfits, dress code restrictions or not. Jennifer Lopez dare make “Angelina Jolie” threw a leg drop while Rihanna chose a transparent red dress revealing her tattoo. Beyoncé who won the award for best R & B performance traditional stands appearing in trousers as executive woman Top of nominations this year; Jay-Z and Kanye West’s sidekick leave without surprise with 3 grammys in his pocket.

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