Beyonce Long White Tight Dress At Solange Knowles Wedding


The day has finally arrived! Solange Knowles says yes to Alan Fergusson. For the long-awaited wedding, Beyoncé donned a long white tight dress. Oops! Is this the right place?

Beyoncé with Blue Ivy marriage of Solange Knowles It is the marriage of the November 2014! After the union of Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries season 6 with her husband of singer Joe King, it was the turn of Solange Knowles to say yes to her beloved Alan Fergusson in New Orleans.

Beyonce Long White Tight Dress On Wedding

Beyonce outfit in slinky white dress

The event was punctuated with the outfits of the bride. But it was without counting on the look of Beyoncé who was surrounded by her entire family. If Blue Ivy was very pretty in her dress rustling, Jay Z was on her 31 wearing a suit that seemed tailor-made. Only downside the color! Indeed, Beyoncé radiated beauty in a white tight dress just like her mother Tina Knowles. We adhere.

Cristina Córdula, which is not going to be happy! According to tradition, it is only the bride should wear white. The bridesmaids and the guests have a choice of neutral colors or pastels. This is not what is missing! However, Beyoncé, blue fur the pre-party, threw her sights on a long dress immaculate for the wedding of her sister Solange Knowles. In addition, that was not all! In addition to the colors worn by the establishment as never hugged Queen B forms. This leaves us almost as puzzled! Her dress was certainly nice, but not suited to the situation! But rest assured, there was a reason for all this …

Look at the wedding of Beyonce Solange Knowles in slinky white dress

So she wore a gorgeous dress for her wedding, Beyonce offered us an amazing outfit for her sister Solange Knowles. Round neckline at the rendezvous, the piece marries the luscious and well perfect figure of international star. Maybe a little too much! As if that were not enough, the beautiful seductive mom shod impressive platforms in accordance with her dress. It does not laugh but it was far from the traditional dress of the bridesmaid. However, in view of the ceremony, it all seemed to come from Solange Knowles and happily! Indeed, all the guests were dressed in white! So girls, what do you think of holding the beautiful Beyoncé?

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