Tie-Dye Hairstyles Bianca Balti & Isabeli Fontana in Cannes on Red Carpet


Tie-Dye hairstyles from the celebrity, Croisette welcomed the rise of steps of the film “The Immigrant.” The stars have brought honour to the film by walking on the more glamorous than the other red carpet. Both tops Isabeli Fontana and Bianca Balti appeared with a tie-dye hairstyles in Cannes.

The 66th ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival continues with the presentation of the film The Immigrant. The red carpet welcomed the entire team of the film, including Marion Cotillard tonight. Stars succeed to mount the Marches and she looks book spotted a few fashionistas. Top Brazilian Isabeli Fontana was there dressed in a white suit.

Tie-Dye Hairstyles From Celebrity

Tie-Dye hairstyles

Bianca Balti, Italian model and muse Dolce & Gabbana was dazzling with the pink evening dress. The latter was also seen at the amFAR gala hair down and illuminated by a shaded hair. Isabeli Fontana has not followed suit by posting tonight, too a stunning tie-dye. We thought this trend was slowed down, the spring-summer but the two tops show otherwise. They prove that this colour still has a bright future ahead of it. The two tie-dye are different here. Let’s look more closely at this hair trend. The tie & dye Bianca Balti at the Cannes amFAR.

Tie-Dye hairstyles
The tie-dye of Isabeli Fontana at the rise of The Immigrant Street in Cannes

For the rise of the Marches, the beautiful Italian capitalised on a bun hiding her tie & dye. But on the evening of amFAR, her hair was released and placed on a shoulder revealing a lightly shaded hair. This coloration is Lighten the lengths and ends of hair to bring light to the hair naturally, the roots are darker. Bianca Balti opts for a light and fresh demarcation. All seems simply cleared by the sun, while the top is the brown mug. The result is magnificent.

Bianca Balti Tie-Dye Hairstyles in Cannes on Red Carpet-

Top Brazilian setting a sharper demarcation with a stronger two-tone effect & the roots are very dark and very clear peaks voluntarily. The result is less natural than Bianca Balti but very fashionable. She has also purposely left dark locks on the lengths to emphasise the distinction.

Tie-Dye hairstyles

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