Bingbing Li vs Katy Perry! Who Wore it Best Gucci Dress?


Bingbing Li and Katy Perry who carries the Gucci dress better?

Gucci dress green water is a big hit among the stars!

First worn by Chinese actress Bingbing Li and actress last November at the Golden Horse Awards won the Gucci dress, Katy Perry chose to wear last Sunday at the Grammy Awards.

Bingbing Li vs Katy Perry! Who wore it Best Gucci Dress

This evening dress green water with a neckline embroidered with flowers in hand to pretend to turn heads with its elegant lines both retro and modern. It is not surprising that the two young women have a crush on this dress.
The two stars with completely different morphologies their look is also radically different in this gorgeous Gucci dress.

Katy Perry Gucci Dress

Which choice Katy Perry! This dress seems to have been created for it! Indeed, it sublimates its entire forms siren and reveals a perfect breast which was the center of all discussions at the Grammy Awards. Katy appears here so look super hot in this dress that molds her curves to perfection.

However she chooses to wear simply with only a ring accessory green water to match the dress. Side up the singer has opted for something simple that her doe eyes adds glamour, Only small problem for Katy her hair that spoils the look or smooth or wavy with a center parting. The singer has put the package with her dress but seems to have forgotten to take care of her hair!

Bingbing Li Gucci Dress

This is not a surprise that Li Bingbing as the muse brand Gucci wears this dress moreover, we give a point to the fact of bringing first. Instead of Katy Perry this dress gives a look Bingbing Li reveals modest in any forms however, but extends its silhouette. As Katy Resident Evil actress chose not to do too much in terms of accessories it also carries a large golden ring and a cover reminiscent of the color of the flowers of the neckline of the dress and gives a small sophistication to the outfit that is still very simple. We would have liked Bingbing Li gives us a makeup a little more sophisticated but she prefers to stay in all simplicity. At the salon Li Bingbing chooses smooth hair combed back that releases her beautiful face and gives him a little glamor.

And who do you think wore it best Gucci dress?

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