Beware of the eyes. Birkenstock launches in the luxury shoe. The brand unveiled a new model in limited edition. Named Arizona Exquisite, it is put on sale exclusively on the internet. And is not within the reach of all scholarships.

Trying the mules and sandals of the German brand is adopting them. The Birkenstock shoes have become cults. Their cork insole provides absolute comfort and durability. In recent years, they have (re) become fashionable.

The Arizona Exquisite Limited Edition Deluxe.

Birkenstock unveiled a new model of summer shoes in very limited edition. It is a declension of the famous Arizona. mules with two wide bands carried for decades to the 4 corners of the globe.

This limited edition named Arizona Exquisite. the sale on the American website of the mark. It is equipped with the classic ergonomic sole of the brand. and leather straps, but that’s not all. If it is displayed at the price of 690 euros (799 dollars), that’s for a good reason.

Birkenstock Muff Luxury Shoe

Each of the flanges is decorated with a jewel by German designer Patrick Muff. It comes in two versions of navy blue. with a boat ink jewelry or sailor knot.

Two versions of the Monterey model. the model also exists, displayed at the price of 195 euros.

Deringer the image of Birkenstock.

This very expensive limited edition has a precise objective: to make the image of the German brand less cheesy. In the minds of many people. the Birkenstock are only worn by German. or Dutch tourists, or baba cool.

Birkenstock wants to modernize its image and make it more chic and glamorous. For more than ten years. there have been more and more different models, with thinner flanges, and above all more pop colors. With this same idea, Birkenstock has teamed up with international model Heidi Klum to represent her and create exclusive collections.

There is also a collaboration with the shop very trendy Colette, sold at the price of 270 euros.

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