Black Friday 2014 American Tradition Spreads Around The World


Black Friday Christmas shopping? Good start on the first weekend dedicated to shopping to put under the tree with the Black Friday or Black Friday. In the United States is already a fashion for a long time. It is the day after Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day, traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November). The start date traditionally marks the beginning of Christmas-related purchases where large retail chains offer special promotions to customers a day in the United States also highly anticipated by analysts because it would be an indicator on the predisposition to purchases and spending capacity of consumers. Black Friday is attributed to different origins: was born in Philadelphia in 1869 and derives from the congested traffic that occurs on the occasion. Another hypothesis refers to the fact that the accounting books of the merchants became red from blacks, who in accounting language means moving from a situation of loss to a profit .

Black Friday For Christmas shopping

Black Friday

To make, Friday, November 29th, a day of particular interest is the factor that Apple has cleared through customs, the American tradition extending it to the whole world: the Cupertino Company has decided, once again, to open the doors of its stores around the world – virtual and otherwise with attractive offers for its customers. Apple products on this occasion, they are usually sold discounted. Quest ‘ year, however, the giant California not unbalanced in advance in the manner with which takes place the day of frenzied shopping. In Australia (where the black Friday has already arrived in advance thanks to your time zone) for every purchase you had a right to a gift card to spend in the chains of the Apple: When buying such as Air New I pad cost of 598 Australian dollars (about 400 euro) it received an Apple card worth $ 75 Australian.

The promotion did not involve the Iphone category. A choice confirmed by Apple for Italy but decided to keep the strategy of the past few years, i.e. discounting the products directly (click here to know all the prices). The proposed model is that of ‘ the more you spend, the more discount increases. In the wake of the ‘apple’ offer special for the occasion chains like Amazon (discounts up to 50%, and Monday, December 2nd eye to Cyber Monday) Zara Home, Oysho and Stefanel Discounts of approximately 20%. Crumbs but these days they can make a difference.

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