Blake Lively LOreal Girls In Gucci Draped Dress With Large Braid-Tail at Cannes


Blake Lively LOreal Girls freshly promoted, made their number charm on the legendary red carpet at Cannes. For their premiere in the clan of L’Oréal Girls, the two American actresses are distinguished by their beauty, grace and allure, two actresses that could easily be confused with the larger tops, they coming to capsize the Croisette in a blink of an eye and with memorable outfits.

Blake Lively LOreal Girls on the Red Carpet at Cannes

On the one hand, Blake, divine blonde 26 years, the Girl Next Door almost too perfect whose infectious smile illuminated the Palais des Festivals. On the other, the beautiful and mysterious brunette 35 years fashion choices affirmed, the greedy complexion and almost mesmerizing look.

Blake Lively LOreal Girls
Blake Lively divine upon her arrival on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, The beautiful muse L’Oréal Paris chose a sexy dress to walk the re…

Blake Lively LOreal Girls certainly queen of red carpet that had illuminated the Met Ball in arms of her husband Ryan Reynolds, arrived in a draped dress and split Gucci, hair drawn back and wearing a large braid-tail horse. At ease in the exercise of the photocall, the stunning American has walked the red carpet with grace we know him to watch the film by Olivier Dahan Grace of Monaco projected opening of the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

Blake Lively LOreal Girls
Blake Lively arriving on the red carpet screening of Grace De Monaco and opening ceremony Held at the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes, France on May.

Not far from her, a sparkling Zoe Saldana, adorned with earrings in pink gold and diamond earrings and a ring De Grisogono. The star chose a dress of virginal white to inaugurate the first time in the colors of L’Oréal Paris. Wavy hair on the side, fatal red mouth, Zoe played the card of sophistication for a stunning result.

A charming duo that started the ball rolling, the fifteen beauties are officially open!

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