Blake Lively And Her Tour Of Perfect Dressing Looks: Her Come Back Fashion?


Blake Lively’s latest film, All I See is you, is a very stylish promotional tour. Review of her latest dressing looks absolutely perfect.

Chanel’s Hounds Tooth

Muse of Chanel bags “Mademoiselle”, the actress does not hide her love for the brand to both C. And in this combination to print foot-holes, it’s a nice statement made. Extremely sexy thanks to a devastating neckline; it also shows that it has a sharp sense of style by daring the mix and match with leopard pumps. Who said perfection?

Blake Lively Wore Devastating Neckline With Leopard Pumps

Brandon Maxwell’s Total Yellow Look

This creator is one of the favorites of the pretty blonde, and she does not hesitate to let him know. Here in yellow chick from head to feet, it assumes a solar look and a very seventy cut that leaves no one indifferent. We love her simple beauty look that contrasts with the audacity of the whole.

Total Yellow Blake Lively In Brandon Maxwell's

The Blue Wrap Dress

This look looks on the trend of superposition. One has the impression that Blake has donned two jackets one on top of the other. A coat in smooth velvet blue and a jacket in burgundy leather: here is the beautiful association that Blake lively dared this week … and perfectly mastered!

Blake Lively Wearing Blue Wrap Dress

The Arty Bustier Dress Oscar de La Renta

Stylish enough to wear a dress printed on the red carpet, Blake Lively opts for a bustier Oscar de la Renta. The hybrid between the glitter evening dress and the embroidered artwork, this dress has everything of an exception. Inevitably, it suits perfectly to the most stylish actress of the moment.

Blake Lively In Arty Bustier Dress Oscar De La Renta

The Street Wear Look Monse

Big blow for this streetwear look that shows that Blake Lively is as comfortable in jogging as in long dress. 100% of the basketball top is torn, which adds a touch of originality but also and especially the jogging pants open on the calves which is the big tendency of this re-entry.

Blake Lively in Street Wear Look

The Costume Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s very masculine checked suit is a real jewel of style. And Blake Lively does not hesitate to assume it thoroughly by adopting until the tie! The good idea? The association with the patented boots with laces that give a more feminine touch to the whole!

Blake Lively Wore Costume Ralph Lauren

The Chanel Metallic Dress

This dress Lamé imagined by the brand Chanel is very well enhanced by Blake Lively. With its white coat posed like a cape on top, the beautiful dedramatizes the whole while bringing a lot of style to its look. Again, she has it all right!

Blake Lively Wearing Chanel Metallic Dress


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