Blake Lively vs Rosie Huntington Whiteley In Orange Costume


Blake Lively is a symbol of fashion in the United States. Especially in New York, since it reveals her impeccable style through the series “Gossip Girl.” During an appearance on U.S.

Blake Lively vs Rosie Huntington Whiteley In Orange Costume 1

Show Good Morning America the bet on a beautiful orange costume signed Michael Kors. An ensemble that flatters her figure sylph definitely always valued the last detail. A black tank top brings out the brilliance of the colorful set of Blake as she perches on Christian Louboutin sandals. Them to hug the foot flanges of the actress while gently tweaking her outfit. Hair tied in a bun, it leaves a few strands emphasize her face gently makeup that day.

The downside to this set like the boldness of Blake.For its part, Rosie Huntington Whiteley seems to be heavily inspired by the New York bomb. Burberry parade last Monday during London Fashion Week she decided to focus on the same set. In one version signed by the British brand this time but the idea is there. An orange suit flatters slender legs of supermodel while she also chose a black to better bring out the colors. Very thin sandals complete the look while Rosie leaves her jacket open for a more casual look.

The downside not flat either for this look.Verdict It’s hard to separate the two blondes sensual. Maybe going to give us a point ahead for Blake who dared all first.

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