30+ Cool Summer Hairstyles For Teenager Girls To Re-Style[2021 2022]


We’ll show you a few simple step-by-step instructions for cool summer hairstyles, give you some great suggestions! You do not need a curling iron, iron, or hairdryer. With a little practice and flair, you can easily make the looks at home.

Discover our selection of cool summer hairstyles for teen girls and try them for yourself!

If you like to wear beautiful, playful hairstyles in the summer, then this is the place for you.

Mini Mid-Pigtail Braid For Teenage Girl

Summer Hairstyle Braid Middle Parting Straight Hair Teenage Girl

1. Separate a small section of hair at the top of the head where you would normally stylize a center parting. This section should be about 3 cm wide. To precisely divide the hair, use a stalk comb.

2. Attach the remaining hair to the side of the head with hair clips. So nothing bothers later when braiding.

Hairstyle Teenager Female Mini Braid Middle Parting Straight Hair

3. Cut off three small strands of hair from the middle section and begin to braid a French plait by repeatedly adding a small strand from the sides. The braid runs in the direction of the rearmost vertex to the forehead.

4. Braid the braid up to your eyebrows. It may seem like you are weaving too far from your head, but it is important for the next step.

Summer Hairstyle Makes Yourself Teenager Girl Mid-Pigtail Braid

5. Insert a hair clip into the braid to attach it to your head. Then just let go of the rest. The braid will split, so it was better to make it longer.

6. Divide the end of the braid into two and put each strand behind your ears. If these are a bit short, use bobby pins to fix them.

Hairstyle Girl 15 Years Mid-Pigtail Braid

The Korean CC Cream + CC Cream by Cosmetics For Summer Beauty [2021]


Primer 2021 2022, Korean CC Cream the young is the most popular in Korea today. The Summer addition to fashion trends to update the wardrobe is also synonymous with the new makeup trends highlights.

Korean CC Cream For Beauty Skin

Primer Makeup Classes For Smooth Skin

Korean Summer Beauty Trend

Summer CC Cream is equivalent to hot weather makes you more prone to sweat, causing makeup condition washed and faded. In hot weather, the Primer so annoying is the “savior” of the fair hot.

Primer (cream liner) is considered the first step in makeup. This product whose main task is to keep your makeup classes is not washed and beautiful throughout the day.

CC Cream For Brighten Skin

Korean CC Cream

True to its name, CC Cream adjusted effective pigmentation and another skin color; brighten skin small scars obscured and the blue veins under the skin.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel

Inherently powders types are usually utilized to guy’s eyebrows, eyebrows help add more definition. However, the drawback of powder is very easy to drift, especially in the hot weather of the season. Because of that, these summer eyebrow gel products are considered as one of the products make up most handy.

There are trees shaped like mascara, eyebrow gel product is best for Vietnam than by using talcum powder you can just make sharper brow, “dyed” color for the color eyebrow hair and especially keep your eyebrows are always perfect beauty, neat, in lines all day.

Eyebrow Gel has a lot of tone color from transparent to colored type to match the taste and color of your hair. Unlike drawing with chalk powder or eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel is somewhat more natural and perhaps this is the reason that this product is a more popular girlfriend.

Son Matte Natural Lip Color

natural lip color

Compared with the kind of lip gloss are staying has the advantage of ease of use in everyday life to make sense of the natural lip color.

In particular, why is staying favored son in summer is by staying very long lasting lipstick; even if you eat or drink sweat when hot weather.

The color of the lipstick also staying incredibly diverse and surely this would be the perfect choice for her favorite style changed over his lip color this summer.

Cream Face / Body Glow

Cream Face / Body Glow
Cream Face / Body Glow

CC Cream or powder glow is probably one of the makeup items “multi-zip-function” in your makeup bag. You can use a typeface glow as face glow (face highlight), which makes skin feel smooth, transparent, and full of life.

And body glow can be scattered all along the length of the leg and hand effect slender, attractive. Summer is the season of her regular shorts, short skirts or bikinis and is sure to highlight your body will help you become more charming and attractive.

Powder Hair Dye

Powder Hair Dye
The Korean Summer Beauty Trend

The highlight style hair dyed ombre or dip dye which has been “storming” of young people. However, hair dyeing and bleaching hair can cause severe damage to your child, take a lot of effort and money to condition hair.

The solution for your favorite girl and wants to change the way the hair dye powder. Not confined to the girlfriend can completely change your hair color a temporary basis at any time by powder hair dye color tone is very diverse and also using extremely simple.

Moreover, powder hair dye is popular because it is effective in an efficient manner even if you have black hair. However, in order to be strong and healthy hair after using hair dye powder do not forget to use shampoo and conditioner clean, attractive oil to condition hair.

The CC Cream by It Cosmetics makes all skin redness disappear

Problem skin is difficult to hide: Be it mid- pimples, pimples, pustules or skin redness. Often the covering makeup does not help. And if you do, then you usually see caky, so totally covered.

But what if we tell you that we have found the perfect foundation for those with problem skin? Too good to be true, right?

It Cosmetics: This CC Cream makes all skin redness disappear

The CC Cream by It Cosmetics was developed by Jamie Kern Lima, a former television reporter with problem skin. The journalist suffers extremely from her rosacea and could barely hide from the sharp TV cameras. Again and again, her makeup almost ran away in front of the camera and the bad skin became visible.

Jamie had had enough and wanted to develop her own care with opacity, which finally makes her shine beautifully, without worrying that the make-up might collapse.

The CC Cream by It Cosmetics was born!

That’s why the CC Cream by It Cosmetics is so unique

The before / after pictures of It Cosmetics are really amazing

The CC Cream was developed in collaboration with plastic surgeons and combines nourishing active ingredients with anti-aging and SPF 50.

That is a lot. And every beauty junkie knows that without sun protection factor, nothing works anymore. After all, the evil UV rays are responsible, among other things, for premature aging of the skin.

The great thing about the CC Cream: It covers redness perfectly, but it lays on the skin very easily and thus looks very natural and not makeshift.

Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides, Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, B, C, and E are an innovative anti-aging serum that reduces wrinkle depth, minimizes pores and gives a radiant, supple and flawless-looking complexion.

Left: Without CC Cream the skin redness are clearly visible; Right: The skin radiates and looks even and great

CC Cream by It Cosmetics in the test

We tested the CC Cream for over three months.

Our conclusion: The CC Cream is really a miracle weapon. For us, she is a perfect daily make-up. It covers perfectly all impurities and still lets freckles show through. We are particularly enthusiastic about the recommended brush, with which the CC Cream should be applied.

Together, the make-up merges with the skin and ensures a natural glow. By the way, thanks to the LSF 50, we have not had sunburn on the nose, forehead and the rest of the summer.

Well, we are really excited.

It Cosmetics says nothing to you? The brand is also only about three months in Germany about Douglas to have. Previously, the CC Cream was only available in the US and already there an absolute bestseller.

Currently, you get the CC Cream in Germany in twelve colors. Cost about 38 euros.

Not cheap, but they are really worth it!

Floral Dress 2021! How To Style The Fashion Trend + Chunky Sneakers


The floral dress is now in all its facets, from irresistible sexy to purist cool. Flower Dress + Chunky Sneakers are a hot fashion trend this summer.

01. Flower Dresses In Muted Colors

Sunflower yellow on candy pink is too cute for you?

For lovers of monochrome styles – and as temperatures drop below the 20-degree mark – eye-catching color combinations are not necessarily your first choice.

How nice that we now wear the flower dress nonchalantly in muted colors.

02. Retro Trend: The floral dress in the fifties look

The result is floral dresses that conjure up a sensual hourglass silhouette.

If you want to be on the safe side of styling, choose slingbacks or strappy pumps for the retro-inspired midi dress.

03.Flower dress trend: transparency

Anyone who thinks a floral dress cannot be sexy has probably made the bill without seductive inserts made of transparent material.

04. The off-shoulder floral dress

Why is a flowered Bardot dress a wise investment this season? The free shoulder area makes even hot summer days bearable, the naked skin never seems too revealing.

The shoulder-free trend models are available in different lengths and colors, here can be varied depending on the occasion.

The best: The style flatters every figure.

05. Maxi dresses with floral pattern

We nestle in long maxi dresses with floral prints.

Granted, a novelty is not the flowing, long summer dress in hippie style. The seventies have been part of our fashion for some seasons, and there is no end to the trend insight.

If you like it more sporty, take sneakers. Small women are most likely to combine platform shoes or wedge-heeled sandals with the flowered maxi dress to visually stretch the body.

Festival highlight: The Nineties flower dress

The festival season is open! And fittingly we let the Nineties revive.

Checklist: A flowery mini dress, tinted sunglasses, Doc Martens or sneakers.

Fancy fabrics – eg velvet or jeans – give the look real grunge vibes. As far as accessories and styling are concerned, there are no limits to creativity.


06.Flower dress trend: asymmetry

Asymmetry is a popular way to bring brave designs into trouble.

Unevenly sloping skirt seams, one-shoulder cuts, and cut-outs, draped ruffles or geometric back cuttings give the flowered dress the wow factor. The best way to work the elaborate cuts in rich colors.

Tip for all layering fans: Asymmetrical floral dresses with a high leg on jeans.

07. The flower dress with statement sleeves

Voluminous sleeves in unusual shapes are the street style highlight of the season.

The classic floral dress: sweeping puffed sleeves, draped flounces or trumpet sleeves are real eye-catchers. The rest of the outfit should be styled more calmly.

08. Romantic floral dresses in pastel colors

You’re missing a bit of romance? No problem, for spring feelings now provide clothes in subtle pastel colors.

09. The flower dress with flounces

Flounces adorn all seams, collars, sleeves, and skirts this season. The floral summer dress with a playful lightness.

10. Wrap dresses with flower print

The cut plays around female curves and sets them perfectly in the scene. Through the belt, the focus is on the waist, with a low neckline it flatters the bust size.

11. What suits the flower dress?

For all flower dresses: The shoes determine the look.

Skilled style breaks with coarse boots give even a floral satin dress a casual everyday look. In the office, medium-high shoes with block or stiletto heels counterbalance the flower print.

Flower on a flower? Does not work.

12. Combine flower dress rocking

In principle, every flower dress can be combined in a mocking way. Take heavy boots, fishnet tights, festival ribbons, and vintage leather jacket – and even your favorite floral wrap dress will be a rocking eye-catcher.

13. Floral dress elegant combine

Dark, rich tones, metallic details, sensual cuts, and high-quality fabrics make the flower dress suitable for the evening. And about that? The favorite high heels. Not more.

14. Combine floral dress summerly

Urlaubsreif? Matching: Colorful floral dresses with boho chic, espadrilles or leather slippers, straw hat, and sunglasses.

15. Which flower dress is mine?

Flower dresses are only small, petite women? Wrong thought. The trend dress can do more. The countless styling options and cuts have something for every style and figure.

16. Styling tips for little women

More advantageous are short models or a floral midi dress.

Those who fear to look too girlish in their cute floral dress choose a dark or asymmetrical design.

17. Floral dresses for tall women

The maxi dress is – surprise – just for tall women a very good choice. A long dress with high leg cut sets a seductive accent on endless legs, floor-length and flowing models can hide strong legs wonderfully. If you want to do without high-heeled shoes, you can use flats, sneakers or boots.

You prefer it short? To avoid unpleasant fashion faux pas (keyword “summer gust”), the mini-length flower dress should not be too tight.

18. Styling tips for perfect curves

Very important: Without the right Attitude works anyway no look.

A flower dress with voluminous club sleeves would have exactly the opposite effect.

Better: Choose an off-the-shoulder dress with A-line and a waist belt. By the way, waisted flower dresses in A-line stand every character and conjure from androgynous to curvy beautiful hourglass curves. Not a fan of clothes? A floral jumpsuit is a perfect alternative to the floral dress.

we are in a fashion dilemma! Two of our spring favorites are absolutely incompatible: the flower dress and the Chunky sneakers. Or is it?

19. Floral dress with chunky sneakers – that’s how the fashion trend is styled

After many unsuccessful attempts to wear the colorful Chunky sneakers to the flashy flower dress, we took the cool influencer looks with the fashion trend under the microscope and found out: There is a very simple trick. And our grandma has already betrayed us!

Who wants to look styled?

French nonchalance based on the motto “I just put on some clothes” is currently the non-plus ultra in fashion.

This is how the influencers style the fashion trend floral dress + chunky sneakers

The simplest variant: Long floral dress to All-White Chunkys. Rebecca Laurey demonstrates:

From a girlish point of view: Annabel Rosendahl combines her romantic floral dress with black chunky sneakers to add a decent dose of coolness to the look

Leonie Hanne shows that the styling trick does not create a boring tone-in-tone outfit. Works too!


20. Physical women’s Floral Dress

Mix and matching clothing is one of the important things that must be done by every woman.

Shown Enchanting Floral Dress

The Floral Dress With Floral Blazer

The Floral blazer

You can style up by wearing a floral blazer.

For semi-formal or casual style you can match a floral patterned blazer with a T-shirt and skinny jeans bedplate gray. As for the piece blazer right is a clean-cut tailored structural, and waist.

The Floral Pants

The Floral pants

Vibrant floral pants can match with matching patterned tops.

The Floral Top

The Foral top

Tops floral patterned dress styles it can make you look more fashionable in an instant. If you want maximum style, matching tops with mini skirt striped.

A line or pencil skirt floral patterned anyway. Match with jeans or shorts for a casual look straight cut. Select materials from cotton floral tops or short sleeves cut to display your stay relaxed.

The Floral Skirt

The Floral Skirt

You are like a skirt with a colorful floral motif try and choose a piece of clean pencil. Matching with bedplate matching blazer or blouse if you want more leverage again, matching with biomaterial lace tops.

To attend a casual event, you can with a matching T-shirt or top sleeveless. Choose neutral colors bedplate bosses like black and white or color matching with your skirt.

Sundresses + Tunics Dresses – The Choice of Summer 2021


2021 Sundresses are summer dresses that show off your girlfriend’s shoulders and arms

A Sundress is a dress that deftly shows the beauty of the girl’s arms and shoulders.

Where to cover, how open is the story of the designer and the wearer…


In hot summer, it is better to give preference to light sundresses. Designers never cease to amaze: the collections are full of their originality. American armhole, lace, folklore ornament, airy fabrics – you just have to decide what suits you. Next, we’ll look at 6 interesting options.

White sundress

As a casual ensemble, short white sundresses in combination with a cotton or denim shirt will be an excellent choice. Lace frills of the colorful boho ornaments, ribbons, and lacing – all this will add tenderness and flirty solemnity to your image.


Do you like long models?

Enrich your look with all kinds of accessories: a pendant on a chain, earrings, bracelets; Add a tote bag and wedges to your outfit and you’re done!

Denim sundress

An incredibly comfortable and stylish model is a denim sundress.

Swap out “men’s” shoes for sandals, a backpack for a clutch, and you have a playful look suitable for a date.

Floral print

This summer’s fashion dictates: a long sundress with a floral print should be an obligatory element of every girl’s wardrobe. Opt for loose, floor-length cuts with a high waist and a bold pattern.

Today, such models look the most advantageous. On the street, shopping, walking, relaxing – everywhere you will feel light and comfortable. Beach sandals, a bright bag, large sunglasses, and a pendant on a long thin chain will be the right addition to the look.


The latest version of this summer is a sundress with a print in the style of “Gzhel” (“majolica”). Suddenly appearing in designer collections, it instantly became a brand for many fashion houses.

The classic-cut sundresses, a white leather tote bag, and stiletto pumps are suitable for a unique Gzhel look.

Sundress for “curvaceous forms”

The main thing is the correct combination of “sleeveless dress” with shoes and accessories.

Cover the shoulders with a cropped denim jacket ending at the waistline, which will emphasize your figure. And complete the look with a stylish beach bag and trendy accessories.

Beach sundress

A short sundress made from lightweight fabric and thin straps can be a tempting alternative to a beach tunic draped over a swimsuit.

A variety of prints are in trend – tropical motifs, urban elements, floral patterns. Designers leave complete freedom of choice for you.

A handbag with a thin strap, beach sandals, sunglasses, and hoop bracelets will help you attract the attention of others.

The simple, easy dress is very charming and feminine – her work. The armpit dress, adding a jacket that very polite in the office.

There may be many definitions of sundress dresses. For some people, sundresses are gentle dresses, creating a feeling of flying in the summer afternoon.

Others simply put the sleeveless armpit skirts sundress. a sundress shows off the beauty of the girl’s arms and shoulders. Where to cover, how open is the story of the designer and the wearer.

A sundress is a summer dress, sleeveless, bring the wearer and the watcher.

The sundress originated in the United States in the 1940s.

Today, sundresses are more diverse and richer from designs to materials, colors, and textures.

Add a light vest or thin wool you are polite in the office.

The dress has maintained its popularity for several years and in 2020 she gains the status of a key trend. Let us remember that for centuries adorned the Russian women?

I recalled this and designers. Find her liking businesswoman and young girl and fine ladies and mums.

Fashion Sundresses For Office

The sundresses general trend for work or study.

The lack of spare parts, decoration only calm inserts at the waist and pockets.


The dress suit a young person of any figurable body. if cover legs or vice versa will show all their beauty.

By the way, for a date and go out of fashion masters offer us a wide variety of sundresses: various styles and colors. A separate article – the fabric it can be a matter of air and leather, velvet or satin.

A large selection will delight and obese women. Tight and solid, straight and asymmetrical tunics with cuts and without them with fringe and ruffles – every woman will be able to choose the dress for her figure, stressing that it is necessary to show and hide the fact that it is better to hide.

As accessories to wear a sundress can be bracelets, necklaces, light chiffon scarf or jacket.

Summer Sundresses

Bright colors, original shapes, light fabrics all of this is embodied in the most fashionable sundresses summer of 2020!

Tunics Dresses For Beach Sleeveless Dress

As for the length of the summer sundress, it may be above the knee and ankle-length. The main thing, not something in between, this summer only the extreme, a hit of the season will be a long dress with a wide skirt.

Beach Tunics Dresses

High-waisted sundresses in summer 2021.

The most fashionable model, on the one hand, and on the other, visually lengthen legs Will be worn and loose tunics fittin

wraparound or button-down with narrow, wide straps or no. Cutout can be V-shaped (the trend) or round.

High-waisted sundresses in summer 2021 2022

To decorate sundresses fashion designers are using fringe, bright ribbons, ruffles, drapes.

Colors Fashion Sundresses 2021

Sundresses for the business environment are the classic colors – black and gray. A summer dress will be enjoying the bright colors like blue, orange, pink, deep blue

The calmer olive, beige, and gray will not go unnoticed in white and black colors.

Tunics Dresses During Fashion Week

Do not be shy combinations of bright colors – this season is very fashionable.

And trendy designs considered peas, ornaments, bar, cage, geometric patterns, flowers. A nautical theme is present in many collections.

Tunics Dresses

In 2020, the ladies amazed by the huge assortment of sun-dresses for any occasion.

Trendy tunics 2021! What To Wear

Ttunics Fashion Dress 2021 2022

the most necessary little thing in 2021 – clutch and as the shoes fit ballet flats, shoes, or sandals.

The beach buys long dresses and a hat with a wide brim always always

strappy sandals, wedges or on a solid sole.

Do not forget, The necklaces and bracelets made of shells or natural stones and about the hoop for hair.

Best Hair Care Solution When You Sleeping, Wet Hair


Hair Care Solution: How to Style Wet Hair, then you go to sleep!

To own healthy and beautiful hair, a beautiful fade business takes a lot of time and nourishes hair care using multiple methods.

But the daily suffering sisters but always pulled back hair care very common.

The Best Hair Care Solution for those in a hurry!

After a busy day you just want to fall under the shower and go to bed? Or you have washed your hair and misjudged your time. We’ll tell you the best tips to style your still wet hair!

If you have washed your hair before going to sleep, you should make sure that it is no longer soaking wet when you go to bed.

Make it dry in the towel or in the air. If you have straight hair and want to wake up with natural beach waves, you should wrap your still-wet hair into a bun.

Hair Care Solution

So that you can still sleep comfortably, it is important that you tie it very high on the head. Also, you can braid your hair to an ordinary braid. The thicker the braid, the bigger the curls become.

Did you wash your hair during the day and have to leave the house quickly? Then we have this trick for you!

Just tie your hair into a ponytail and then divide it into two strands. Then you wrap each of these strands around each other and tie the whole thing together again with a hair tie. Once your hair is dry, you can remove the hair ties and have great waves !

Hay also found shortcomings mild hair care solution!

1. Use a Comb Inappropriate

Use a Comb Inappropriate

Are you using a comb for hair sparse list or vice versa? Typically ladies totally unaware about the strategic use of appropriate thickness hair. This will cause such harm or shed hair then. Therefore, you should determine the thickness of the hair before buying a comb to properly care and efficient.

2. Do not Remove the Attachment on the Dryer While Sleeping

You do not put the attachments on the board or just tired of the grid. However, but the elastic ponytail or hair clips may have broken when you rotate and roll over while rolling back to sleep. Or Remove any attachment from your hair before bed if you want a good night’s sleep also healthy hair.

3. Do Not Change the Position Ponytail

Do Not Change the Position Ponytail

Through a long ponytail in the same location will make your hair curled or on sticky. The scalp should also “breathe” so you should restrict ponytail tightly with prolonged time in a day.

4. Hair Care Solution at Home + Hair Cut

Hair Cut at Home

Having beautiful haircut at home, unlike men. You can ruin your hairstyle if risking cutting hair before a mirror. Or consult the experts before deciding stylist cutting hair.

5. When Drying Wet Hair Stabbing

When Drying Wet Hair Stabbing

Drying the hair still wet from a way to quickly shield damaged hair. Furthermore, if water from the hair dryer Tran on, you may experience issues related to electrical danger. So let hair dry with a towel before you start hairdryers.

If a little attention you will avoid common mistakes and own this healthy hair.

Is there the perfect hairstyle for sleeping?

Yes, sure! these tricks you will save a lot of time. the next morning and your hair will be additionally protected and maintained.

what to do with long hair while sleeping

Smooth Hair Care Solution

The best braid, not only to give yourself but also your hair a good night, is the plaited plait. Due to the loose braiding hairstyle, enough air gets to the scalp, which makes it smoother more slowly.

And depending on whether you choose many small braids, two side ones, or one, you can influence the wave strength the next morning. In addition, there is absolutely no risk of climbing due to the braided strands.

Tie Up

Grab a thick plait band (without metal, as this additionally strains the hair) and binds upside down a loose, not too tight braid. Do not pull the hair ends completely through the band like with a ponytail – works like a simple bun.

The tips should be upside down and facing forward (not down). The next morning you have voluminous hair and light waves.

Open Hair

It is more pleasant for you and the mane to stroke it backwards over the pillow so that there is no friction between the body and the pillow.

The same applies to a medium length. Short hairstyles are less complicated and only need a little oil to stay supple.

Editor’s Notes

Jana from the Salon MOIJ also advises: “It makes perfect sense to use the right pillowcase, silk pillows are optimal, they have a smooth surface and therefore less friction surface.”

For the very cautious, there are also sleeping caps, which provide all-around protection. “

Hair Care Solution: Nice in sleep

You want silky, healthy shiny hair? You can easily fulfill this dream – overnight, lying in the feathers. We reveal the best tips & tricks that can give your hair an extra dose of care during bedtime: from the slumber hairstyle to the right pillow cover

The most important article in our cosmetic bag?

Of course, the beauty sleep! We have long known that a restful night’s sleep not only keeps us physically and mentally healthy, but also makes you feel good! While we sleep (ideally for seven to nine hours), our body regenerates and starts cell renewal.

The result: A fresh, rosy complexion the next morning – without dark circles and wrinkles. Not only the skin, but also the hair benefit sleep.

There is more in it! You can make the night an extra care unit for your hair and spoil it so intensely. So, off to bed! Here are the other sneaky tricks for a gorgeous mane:

Hair Care Solution For Right Hairstyle

Hair once again before bedtime? Absolutely! There are several reasons why it makes sense to tie the mane overnight. When worn open, the hair can rub too much on the pillow, which can cause split ends and hair breakage. The next morning, the hair is less tangled and can brush much easier.

Hair Care Solution

So that you do not feel uncomfortable while lying down, you can tie your hair into a high, loose bun. It is best to use a soft velvet or silk hair band to avoid unsightly kinking.

The great thing about hair care solution:A great trick for late risers to save time in the morning and still look very stylish!

The Full Pampering Program

The nocturnal hours are ideal for lingering on hair masks and cures for a particularly long time. The nursing wonders nourish and repair the hair, although in part already after a minute. But overnight they can prove their concentrated care-force!

The rich products usually contain vegetable oils (eg argan or jojoba oil), important proteins and even fortifying hair building blocks.

Just massage the deep care into damp hair before bed and pack your head in a fluffy microfiber towel. Blow dry before bedtime – the heat further enhances the conditioning effect.

The Perfect Sleepyhead (for your pillow)

The same applies to our hair: How to embrace oneself, that’s how one lies. With the right choice of pillow you can make the night for your hair even more pleasant and gentle. The best is a cushion cover made of silk suitable. Why? Due to the smooth surface, the friction is much lower than with a cotton cover.

You want perfect hair? Then you should do that before going to bed!

Do you know these days when you get up and your hair just falls perfectly without having to do anything? We do not … So far. We found out what we can do to wake up in the morning with great hair.

With these 5 things you have the perfect hair in the morning

Use a Hair Mask For Hair Care Solution

Hair masks always take eeewig. There’s no time during the day!

The solution: do it overnight! Because you can leave the mask for seven hours at a time in the hair.

So: Mask in the evening in the dry hair, sleep and rinse in the morning. Hello, shiny healthy hair. Is there anything better?

Use a Hair Mask For Hair Care Solution

No, you do not dream: we’ll tell you how to get a great, healthy mane overnight.

Change your Pillowcase

Many Bad Hair Days have a reason: a rough pillowcase. Yes really! If the fabric is just a little bit rough, it can damage your hair texture, making it the unrecognized reason why many of your hair is frizzy and flying tomorrow. So you should use a silk cover.

Cotton is an absorbent material that also pulls natural oils out of your hair, making it look dry and dull, and can lead to split ends and hair breakage.

Style your hair before going to bed

Instead of styling your hair when you get up in the morning, just do it at bedtime! Best in a hairstyle that provides the basis for the look you want to wear the next morning. Braided hair, for example, makes great waves. A casual French braid provides the ultimate beach waves , a ballerina bun for curls that look unintentional.

Use dry shampoo For Hair Care Solution

Dry shampoo is not only the lifesaver to mask a greasy finish, it is also a 1a volume booster. Give the spray into your hair before you go to bed. After getting up, massage your hair roots, shake your hair upside down, and add a pumper dry shampoo on top – boom, you’ve got a lot of volume instead of a greasy finish!

Condition your hair

Never go to bed with wet hair! Wet hair is super sensitive, leading to the friction on the panel Frizz can lead or even breakage. If you shower in the evening and wash your hair, then the more so: please brush through and blow-dry. Trust us, you will be glad to have done it!

How To Make a Spray for Natural Beach Curls


Natural beach curls look: Smooth waves with salt spray

The summer hairstyle that never goes out of fashion: Beach Waves Blake Lively or the Olsen Twins are not that difficult if you follow the advice of an expert

They are easy and casual – the natural beach curls. Originally they are created after bathing in the sea: The wet hair is drying in the sun, in between, you run your fingers through your hair, sun cream lets them stick together. And exactly this look is loved by many women.

Make a Spray for Natural Beach Curls

We show you how it works at home.

Natural Beach Curls Style

Your hair should be freshly washed. It is best to resort to a cleansing shampoo that frees your hair from all styling residues.

The special thing about natural beach curls is: they should not look perfect. No wave may be like the other. Almost perfect imperfect.

Version 1: With volume mousse + diffuser

  1. If you have washed your hair fresh. then add some volume mousse with a coarse comb into towel-dried hair. Important: Do not comb your hair first!
  2. Divide the hair into a center parting and blow-dry it. Our tip: Use a diffuser attachment, which gives you more volume. If you have a lot of time, let your hair dry in the air, the beach waves more beautiful.
  3. Apply some heat protection to your hair and divide it around the head into three parts. Temporarily secure these parts with staples.
  4. Now start at the bottom hair part. Turn individual strands one after the other around a curling iron, preferably away from the face. Hold the stick vertically and wrap strand by strand around it. Hold your hair at the end with your fingers.
  5. Warm the hair for about 5 seconds and remove the strand from the curling iron. Pull something at the end of the lock of hair to loosen the shaft.
  6. The same procedure you do with the other two parts of the hair. The middle part in the other direction to create an undone effect.

Beach Waves loosen up

The curling iron, loosen up your hair by running your fingers through it. You can repair individual curls. If you want more volume at the base, you can add some volume powder to the middle hairline. With a little hair wax, you can put individual strands on the tips in scene.

For the perfect natural beach curls, you should not miss a little salt spray: it on hair and knead gently.

Make Sea Salt Spray yourself

The styling spray, natural beach curls of buying expensive products.

here is the recipe for you:

  • One spray bottle
  • 1 tbsp hair gel
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 1 ½ cups of warm water

Warm the oil in a water bath. The ingredients in the spray bottle. Already the spray is like new again.

Beach Waves: Mark Townsend gives expert tips

One who knows the coveted beach waves is star hairdresser Mark Townsend. She regularly provides stars with perfect-fitting hairstyles. Her specialty: natural beach curls!

Natural Beach Curls – in seven steps

The expert explained her approach in seven simple steps. For her “New Beach Waves,” Townsend recommends using a curling iron with two heating rods.

In the next step, strand by strand is worked. First, the upper hair is fixed at the top with brackets on the head. the lower hairs are formed with the curling iron to large waves.

covering hair: Here each strand is rotated in the form of an eight between the two heating elements. If all the strands are formed into waves, Townsend’s next tip comes into play.

The Natural beach curls fix the star hairdresser with dry shampoo. Done is the beach waves look à la Blake Lively.

Find out how in just 3 steps to make a trendy natural beach curls…

Ingredients For Diy Natural Beach Curls

  1. 1 cup hot water
  2. 2 tablespoons of bitter salt
  3. 1/2 tablespoons plain or Himalayan sea salt
  4. 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel
  5. 1 / 2 tablespoons conditioner plant-based or a few drops of almond or jojoba oil
  6. 3 drops of lavender oil or lemon

Preparation Spray as Beach Curls

Natural Beach Curls

First: The glass spray bottle fill with water or tea add Epsom salt and sea salt and shake the mixture.

2nd: The mixture now adds the other ingredients of aloe Vera gel conditioner a few drops of essential oil of your choice and finally if you decide to lighten your hair add the lemon juice and vodka.

3rd: Your DIY spray trendy Close the bottle and shake the contents for 1-2 minutes until the salt has dissolved to an end and the ingredients merge. as the beach is ready for use. Spray trendy wild curls can easily do you with the help of natural ingredients”


  1. Made spray kept at room temperature
  2. Shake it before use
  3. Shelf Life DIY spray is 3-4 months.


First: Wild curls Apply to wet hair spray wrap it in a towel and leave it to dry. After 15 minutes remove the towel and let the curls fall freely just like wearing Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen.

2nd: For the disheveled look on the tops and the root dried hair apply spray and rub it well with your fingers. In this way, you will achieve volume and hotchpotch hairstyles that recently elected world celebrities such as actress Kate Hudson.

World-famous stars like Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, Gisele Budchen lover are trendy natural beach curls.