Blue Shampoo: The Product to Adopt to Enhance Colored Hair


Surely you’ve heard of blue shampoo, but have no idea what it is?

We explain everything in this article…

how to use it…

Get shiny hair as a result.

In terms of hair care,

The big brands offer many products on the market to care for colored hair.

Purple shampoo: if you have blond or gray hair

what to do brunettes?

So, to protect and beautify the color of your brown hair, adopt without hesitation the blue shampoo. With it, you will forget the orange reflections and take care of the color. By opting for this hair product specially designed for brown hair, your hair will finally regain its radiance and beauty.

The Best Ally Of Brown Hair That Neutralizes Red Tones

Woman Brown Hair Blue Shampoo

Blue Shampoo – How It Works

The blue shampoo becomes your best beauty all for having beautiful hair. It is very effective in treating unpleasant copper or orange reflections just after coloring.

You have the possibility not only to revive the color but to moisturize and take care of dry and damaged hair.

Blue Shampoo

It doesn’t matter if it’s full color or highlights, in all cases brown bleached hair tends to lose its shine due to oxidation and have orange highlights. Fortunately, this is the time when the blue shampoo comes to the rescue.

In the same way, as the purple shampoo treats blond hair, the blue corrective shampoo is the care to adopt to maintain the coloring of brown hair.

Brown Hair Is Sensitive To Oxidation Too

Product Joico Blue Shampoo

Use The Blue Shampoo Against Reddish And Coppery Reflections

Blue Shampoo Against Reddish And Coppery Reflections

Why Adopt The Blue Shampoo And Not Purple?

Remember the chromatic circle and the opposite colors. Blue is the opposite of orange on the color spectrum, just like purple is the tint opposite of yellow.

So, enriched with blue pigments,

the blue neutralizing shampoo fights against unwanted copper and red reflections (the opposite shades of blue on the chromatic circle).

In addition, it gently cleanses the hair fiber, giving it shine and hydration too. Without forgetting to mention, this product protects locks against discoloration.

The Chromatic Circle

Color Circle Blue Shampoo Why Adopt

Use once a week to avoid blue reflections on the hair, or follow the directions on the shampoo label. For a top shampoo, prefer products without sulfates and silicone in its formula, but enriched with keratin.

Miracle Product To Boost Coloring

Tips For Having Beautiful Hair Blue Shampoo

Choose Products Without Sulfates

Product Brown Colored Hair Blue Shampoo

Note that some brands offer blue shampoos that are only suitable for bleached blonde hair, white or natural gray. This is why, it is imperative to opt for this type of shampoo suitable for brown hair, in order to preserve their deep color and have an impeccable look.

Blue Shampoo To Restore Warmth And Shine To Hair

Beautiful Color For Brunettes Care With Blue Shampoo

The Product To Adopt To Beautify Your Brown Hair

Blue Shampoo Use

Treat Brown Hair Blue Shampoo

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