Blumarine Dresses Fall-Winter at Fashion Week in Milan


Blumarine Dresses Fall-Winter, Anna Molinari has plagued minimalism with its collection Blumarine Fall-Winter  presented this morning at the Milan Fashion Week. More reserved, Blumarine woman does not lose its aura of seductive

Anna Molinari takes the part of simplicity to remain in its dynamics of the moment. The cuts jackets are ample and silky fabrics. There is a predominant use of silk throughout the collection Blumarine Fall-Winter 2017 2018 presented this February 27, 2017, 2018 at Milan Fashion Week. The first figures are wise, coats comfy, loose, natural, soft colors worn closed or while on sweater dresses turtleneck. It is the same for fluid pants cut at 7/8 to allow some freedom of movement.

Blumarine Dresse

Milan Fashion Week: Blumarine Dresses Fall-Winter 2017 2018

However, this Anna Molinari season demonstrated distinction. Stand back and observed for a few seasons at Blumarine. The increasingly long coats dance with the ground making the sometimes intimidating figure.

However, it does not take long before seeing the woman Blumarine as we know it: captivating by its mutiny by her seductive glamor. It is for this purpose that works shine this parade Blumarine Dresses Fall-Winter 2017 2018 at Fashion Week in Milan. Anna Molinari then launched a series of small glittering dresses, satin or encrusted with sequins.

Parade Blumarine Dresses Fall-Winter at Fashion Week in Milan-
Parade Blumarine Dresses Fall-Winter at Fashion Week in Milan

In all cases, the minimum remains cuts. Yes, minimalism at Blumarine, who would have thought? It may occasionally glimpse neckline and bare legs but nothing more unlike the parade Blumarine Spring-Summer 2017 2018. The arms remain stubbornly cutlery and cups hug the silhouette rather than overly stressed. There is no question then to cover, season concept no longer exists. This series of little dresses are available in version night longer understand.

Flowers are obviously their breakthrough in the parade Blumarine dresses Fall-Winter 2017 2018. They appear gradually, first suggested on muslin and then ground through a combined sequins on fabrics in the same color before frankly win roughly embroidered and especially colorful.

Anna Molinari or the lady in the bouquet can prevent to bring a touch of poetry to her silhouettes because after all, the woman Blumarine appealing as it remains the figure of a mischievous innocence. The body turns once in the lush winter garden. It is on this romantic note that closes the march Blumarine Fall-Winter 2017 2018, a mini lamé dress, silver, and flowers. A good compromise in short.

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