Boasting Beautiful Nails Painted With OPI


Choose paint colors to match color and style are important foundations for the perfect pair of beautiful nails. Along refer tricks from brands OPI – Nail care professionals leading to beautiful nail color this summer.

Skin Tone Color Match Foundation

If you have fair skin, you can try most of the paint, from bright red to beige, gold, blue, Euro Central collection of OPI.

Skin Tone Color Match Foundation

Yellow skin tones characteristic of Asians will fit bold nail color like purple, dark green, dark brown … for skin lightening. As of bronze, copper brown, or the colors of glitter as Oz’s collection of OPI, you need to be combined with light-colored dresses, to bright highlights.

The dark-skinned ladies can delight in painting the dark tones, thus clear, orange, blue … The pale pastel colors and are ideal for dark skin.

Appropriate Length Nails

Appropriate Length Nails

Length nails and nail molds play equally important when choosing paint colors. Mold nails round or square, with moderate length, can be confident all the colors of nail polish. This type of foundation is the most popular and easy to combine with different colors. The dark-colored, the warm style will suit oval nails or sharp claws.

According to Color Events

pale colored nails
OPI nail meeting pale colored nails

For more choice of colors and color consultant attractive nails, you can go to the OPI salon in Hanoi and HCMC. Same experience with paint and summer fashion purchase to receive a preference of brands.

More specifically, you dedicate OPI nail care service voucher worth 300,000. Please send an email to rh.chamsockhachhang@gmail.

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