Boyfriend Jeans: How To Wear The Clothes Of My Man?


Nothing better than boyfriend jeans or a shirt XXL to style her outfits and to adopt the fashion trend without breaking the bank, it draws directly in the dressing our guy. It explains all the parts to sting her.

If we love our light dresses, also falling for the androgynous look.

In the fashion world, you better be the lender. Some trends rooms are divided between the feminine and masculine dressing. A mix of genres quite nice, giving us access to clothing that would not necessarily have thought of adopting.

Boyfriend Jeans

So, be it in her back or not, what we can steal in the closet of our guy?

Men’s clothing: the right pieces to pique their

In recent years, the androgynous look is invited in shop windows and shelves of our favorite stores. To find fashion inspiration, no need to go far. It flies directly the last pieces trends in the closet of her boyfriend/brother / best friend.

The big sweat, for example, is an essential male wardrobe. Pricked for comfort (nothing better than to curl up in a sweat soft for binge watcher series), but also for style.

If there are inscriptions or motifs, that’s even better. Just like men t-shirts. We love the printed or embroidered patterns.

Question jacket, we adopt their denim jackets well off their chic coats and blazers bent. Inevitably, it nicely ups the sleeves, so as not to make too much potato bag.

In all cases, the men’s jacket takes more and more place in women’s fashion trends.

The androgynous phenomenon also calls in pants. The must-have? The boyfriend jeans, obviously. This is simply timeless. On the ride a little leg to bring up our ankles. Sexy, you say?

The men’s shirts, often XXL on us, are ideal to sublimate our silhouette. It is also necessary to know the wear. Follow us, it explains everything.


4. Boyfriend Jeans: How to wear the clothes of my guy?

It is a fact; male clothes often fall far wider on us. So, just adjust her outfit to maintain a stylish appearance.

Jackets, for example, deal with short dresses or skirts small not to pack the silhouette. This ensures a trendy look by breaking the men’s side too with more feminine pieces: lace, transparency, patterns, etc.

The big sweat is doing so on skinny jeans for a casual effect on shorts or skirts. For winter, we love a straight skirt in leather, with a pair of opaque tights.

Ditto for the shirt. The open door is a simple tank top or on a crop top. Button, it can become very class with a colorful costume or entered a twelve o’clock skirt.

And to stylize the boyfriend jeans, nothing more simple! A pair of shoes for the evening, a pair of trendy shoes for the day.

A top, a fitted jacket or very short, and hop. Behold your super


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