Brazilian Hair Treatment From Brazil Styling Look Like a Star

Brazilian Hair Treatment From Brazil Styling Look Like a Star
Brazilian Hair Treatment From Brazil Styling Look Like a Star

Brazilian hair treatment technique that comes from the American continent, the Brazilian smoothing is more than straightening.

Brazilian Hair Treatment Few Words

Adopted by many celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie the Brazilian smoothing a huge success in the salons & this technique came from Brazil styling makes the hair very smooth, soft and shiny.

Its strong point is the fact that instead of attacking the hair like other classic hair straighteners, it repairs them in depth.

Brazilian hair treatment

In fact, the Brazilian straightening is a treatment based of keratin a molecule present in our hair and nails but little by little, by dint of coloring bleaching and hair straightening keratin hair loses. They become duller and less flexible With the Brazilian straightening, hair is revitalized with keratin. Note that this treatment is suitable for all hair types: curly, frizzy, smooth, relaxed, etc…

The Application Of Brazilian Hair Treatment

Firstly, it will take time. It takes on average 4 hours for the entire treatment takes place in five stages. First, there is the preparatory phase, during which the hair is washed and purified with a special shampoo to open micro scales. Then it must be completely dry before applying the product rich in keratin.

The application must be done strand by strand after the hair is dried again before moving on to the final step. This is the smooth with a flat iron at high temperatures and voila! Brazilian hair treatment is replenished keratin and become softer. A very important recommendation, however: during the next three days, you will not wet your hair or tie them. By cons, you can brush them well and smooth as you want.

Brazilian Hair Treatment From Brazil Styling Look Like a Star

The disadvantages of this smoothing technique “almost” perfect First price. Yes in the Brazilian hair treatment smoothing is relatively expensive! There should be between 200 and 300 euros on average for a session at the hairdressers. In addition, it is not permanent, because keratin is removed after a few months. Therefore, we must repeat the treatment every four months to keep hair perfect.

Meanwhile, to maintain the treated hair, you should only use shampoo with low pH, i.e. which do not contain sodium chlorate. These shampoos are sold in supermarkets and drugstores. It should be noted, however, that this smoothing technique revolutionary subject of much controversy because of the presence of formaldehyde (formalin).

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