Bridal Nail Polish For Your Wedding & Groomed Day

Bride, which polish you choose for your wedding day
Bride, which polish you choose for your wedding day

What is the best wedding polish to be used during one of the most important days of your life? Let’s find out the various alternatives

The wedding day is supposedly what all women dream of, even if they have not yet found your soul mate. For the more fortunate, we thought we’d suggest some ideas about the bridal nail polish, trying to highlight their hands, which will be the center of attention throughout the day.

Bridal Nail Polish For Your Wedding & Groomed Day

In the image posted above you will see some ideas on how to make a nail art for the occasion, but we want to talk about nail polish. Why is it important to treat your hands? Simple: will be the protagonists of photographs and curious eyes, as in many want to see a wedding ring and photographers immortalize the event directly to the Church or shared.

Usually, brides opt for very light shades, rather neutral and that perfectly match the dress or the bouquet. In fact, green enamels pale pink, light green, lilac and white pearl. However, if you have decided to be daring and try colors you do not see every day, we suggest that the red, blue and skinny.

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Then remain on the classic muted tones of all those that you already know, perhaps combined with a french manicure light and very romantic. Among the various shades, you can choose the color peach, baby pink or powder pink: you will be refined, elegant and chic.

The red nail polish may seem like a risky choice during the day of the wedding, because the dress is white and the dead lift a bit ‘ too excessive, but in case you have details or accessories of this shade, it might be what you need. Remember to keep your nails short and not too long, using shades of red geranium, red coral, red cranberry, bright fuchsia or bright red.

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The blue enamel is suitable for all those brides who want to get noticed and show your feisty character. Choose the China blue, ultramarine blue or indigo. Avoid if you have planned a wedding neutral and rigorous.

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