Bright Coloured Eyes


Natural colors for eyes weve most appropriate for daily activities. But, why not try to look bold and different? Bold and bright colors can make you look more okay you know! Forget nude and neutrals.

Fresh green

Bright Coloured Eyes

The green color can sometimes make people look fresh. For those who have white or olive, celery green color is just right to wear. If it is for the skin tend to be dark brown or could try green emeralds or Evergreens. Do not use green color on the eyelids creases or waterline simultaneously!

Bright pink

Bright Coloured Eyes

It takes courage to wear color this one. In order for plasticity baseball too flashy do not use too much make up. Simply paint on the eyelids and bright up your day! The color pink is also fitting when blended in with the color taupe.

Tropical orange

Bright Coloured Eyes

Tropical impression is close to the color orange. However, this orange color can highlight the shape of the eye. To the brown skinned or dark, or bright coral color tangerine hue can be selected. For the white, creamsicle, makes your eyes pop!

Stunning blue

Bright Coloured Eyes

Here it is also the color that it takes courage to wear colors other than pink. However, this color can make you look stunning for evening events. Choose your right shade! Choose blue sky for light skin and dark blue as turquoise to dark skin.

Blend it up!

Bright Coloured Eyes

Confident that baseball same bright colors mixing eye shadow with a darker color could be an option. For example, mix with black, taupe, silver, or brown. How its assimilation be graded on the crease of the eye or the techniques form the letter ‘v’ on the outside of the eye. Give also eyeliner and mascara for a perfect end result.

Taylor Swift appeared with a blend of orange eye shadow. Confident that baseball same bright colors, mixing eye shadow with a darker color could be an option.

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