How To Brighten Black Lips with Black Lip Color


How To Brighten Black Lips with Black Lip Color may sometimes feel insecure when having black lips. Women with black lip color are usually considered as female smokers.

But you could get rid of brighten black lips you in many ways. There are many ways you can do to make your black lips and a bright red back. Brighten black lips will impress unhealthy lips and face will be less fresh as well. Some of the steps below will help brighten your lips.

Brighten Black Lips

Here are some tricks for women who are tired of having black lips. You can still brighten black lips with natural ways but without the side effects.

How Do Brighten Black Lips In 4 Step

First, you could try ex-foliating method or methods of ex-foliation. Lip ex-foliation method is intended to remove dead skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells.

How do I do that?

You just have to rub the toothbrush to gently part the lips. You can also use a mixture of olive oil and sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells on your lips twist and rinse with water.

Second, you can perform the method of protection. Method of protection is intended to protect sun exposure. How to protect your lips from sun exposure is bad?

black lips and white highlighted eyes with glasess
Black lips and white highlighted eyes with glasess

You can use a lip balm or lip gloss on the lips every time you will get out of the house. This will protect your lips from sun exposure is too hot.

Third, you should frequently moisturise your lips. This lip balm is so that the lips are not chapped and then blackened. Moisturiser should be applied before using lipstick.

Fourth, you have to disguise the black color on the lips by mixing lime juice, glycerine, honey and apply on the lips to the color black will be masked. Leave it on the lips for 30 minutes and rinse well.

You do not have to spend too much money to brighten your dark lips. By doing some of the tips above you will be getting the black lips bright red and natural.


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