BYS Cosmetics At Low Prices The Skin, Lipstick and Nail Polish


BYS Cosmetics Australian brands with products for the skin, lipstick and nail polish a clue? Quality / price ratio!

There are a few weeks; we introduced a makeup brand straight from Australia: BYS Cosmetics. With prices not exceeding € 6 and thus defying any competition, the editorial ‘of shelookbook has a selection of cosmetics on the test bench, just to test the Australian make-up at low prices.

BYS Cosmetics At Low Prices Lipstick and Nail Polish to test the Australian make-up, eyebrows pencil

BYS Cosmetics At Low Prices Tested By The Editorial’

The test begins with three products for the complexion for a zero defect skin rash and sweep of winter. Sarah, who has tested the basic moisturizing skin BYS was seduced by its light texture and its promises that guaranteed a makeup that, lasts all day. Lucia, she tried the illuminator complexion BYS and chose to use it under the eyes to bring light.

When the rings are almost nonexistent, forget concealer and sought instead to bring light on this dark area and have a radiant mine and glowy complexion trend this season… Result, easy application and a very convincing result…

BYS Cosmetics

Julia is the latest to have tried a product for the complexion concealer and corrector duo BYS. What she liked about this product is its dual use with one hand, a high coverage stick and the other, a lighter brush she preferred to use as complexion illuminator. A small flat? The rather thick texture of the stick, so it does not recommend for combination to oily skin. Julia also had the opportunity to test the graphics pen eyebrows, she found it easy to use and recommend choosing the blonde hue to achieve a very natural result. Always eyebrows side, Sarah tested BYS eyebrow pencil in “The brilliant texture and pencil applies well with the brush supplied The result is perfect with a real impression that it is our natural eyebrows.”. Ready to make you eyebrows to Cara Delevingne?

Finally, we head to lipsticks and nail polish, which went under the radar shelookbook. Flavie fell for the red long dress BYS lips in the red tint ideal passion for a glamorous evening, she found a simple application with a pleasant texture and a very satisfactory fit. Manon tried the lipstick jumbo smooth texture that glides on the lips for a vibrant result that colors the mouth without being too specific and brings pep in winter. Finally, the lip balm BYS Raisin in the shade seduced our editor who fell in childhood with the smell of dough.

Varnished nails radius, the result is still satisfactory, with the nail polish base and top coat and beard scent scented nail polish candy to the good and pleasant smell. After being seduced by cosmetic Monoprix Make Up ‘, the editorial’ confirms that it is not necessary to ruin makeup for quality products. With less than 6 € at BYS Cosmetics, you can get a beauty with a quality / price ratio. Australia has more than one trick up his sleeve!

Photos And Source By BYS Cosmetics

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