Calendar Summer Sales 2015 By Region End Of Summer Shopping


Calendar Summer SalesCalendar summer sales dates, divided by region, the start and end of the summer shopping with balances

The moment is approaching summer sales 2015.

Now the Sale regulated by law that every two years (one in winter and one before the summer) is one of the most anticipated moments to make shopping more consistent.
Even the shops are one of the best times to turnover and sale of goods.

For consumers can be both the highlight to meet that expenditure seasonal, is simply to purchase the “whims”, i.e. those leaders who do not serve but that, thanks to the low cost, there can be granted, maybe something that we already know will be extremely fashionable then in the closet next year.

Summer Clothes Sales 2015 2016

The dates of the 2015 summer sales begin evenly throughout Italy and also the duration is different from region to region (in some cases even provinces). Below for the exact dates to be able to better prepare well, if the start is very similar, very different is the term that varies from 16 August to 30 September Lazio Valle D’Aosta.


  • Abruzzo: July 4 to September 1
  • Basilicata: July 3 to September 2
  • Calabria: July 3 to September 3
  • Campania: July 3 to September 29
  • Emilia Romagna: July 4 to September 1
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: July 4 to September 1
  • Lazio: July 5 to August 16
  • Liguria: July 4 to August 17
  • Lombardy: July 4 to September 1
  • Marches: July 4 to September 1
  • Molise: July 5 to September 10
  • Piedmont: July 4 to August 29
  • Puglia: July 3 to September 15
  • Sardinia: July 5 to September 15
  • Sicily: July 5 to September 5
  • Trentino Alto Adige: July 5 to August 29 (Province of Trento)
  • July 15 to September 10 (Tyrol)
  • Tuscany: July 4 to September 1
  • Umbria: July 5 to September 7
  • Valle d’Aosta: July 5 to September 30
  • Veneto: July 4 to August 31


Summer Clothes Sales

If you followed our advice for winter sales, you can always follow a few general guidelines to avoid incurring any purchase risky and perhaps in some rip-off for the summer sales 2015. You still have time to open the closet and take stock the situation of what really you are missing and you would want to buy.

A new bathing suit?
Slippers by the sea?

When Do Summer Sales Start

Or even something that you can leverage for early autumn, but on what basis? fashion colors that Pantone has already reported for the end of the season and then the main guideline is to prefer classic cuts and bosses evergreen that never go out of fashion.

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