Is Camila Cabello the new Selena Gomez? American X-Factor


Camila Cabello is about to become one of the biggest stars to follow at the beginning of the year. Who is the one who could take the place of Selena Gomez?

1. She started with Fifth Harmony group

Spotted on the American program X-Factor, the very young Camila Cabello will finally propose a place in a group formed especially by the program, Fifth Harmony. Finishing 3rd in the competition, the band will be able to gain a foothold in the music market, particularly with the titles “Work from home” and “Worth It”. With their success, the group announces the departure of the brunette in December 2016, to begin her solo career.
A bad for a good.

2. Its title Havana is a real planetary tube

If you have not heard this song yet, you must definitely live on Mars. With nearly 400,000 million views on Youtube on the clock, the first single of the first solo album of the singer is a hit across the world and has even placed second of the most listened songs on December 31. More than a song, it’s a true hymn to Cuba and promises you a wild dance with your partner in your living room.

3. She already knows beautiful people in showbiz

Shawn Mendes, Diplo or Joe Jonas, we can say that Camila Cabello surrounds himself with known and recognized artists since its debut in the showbiz. With a hit song, the duet with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, the award for the revelation, received at Billboard’s Women in Music from the hands of the DJ Diplo or a Karpool Karaoke with Joe Jonas, the young woman will go green with envy a lot of girls, envious of her frequentations.

4. She already beats records on the Spotify platform

Camila Cabello enters the big leagues aka Rihanna, Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande on the Spotify download platform. In December 2017, her songs were streamed more than 40 million times, and she literally exploded the record of Selena Gomez and its 34 million streams. The most popular young artist of the moment is not ready to lose her place, and her album will be released in a few days…

5. She already poses as a star

Everyone is not comfortable with a goal, but it’s not a problem for Camila Cabello who seems destined to be a star and pose without any complex. From her campaign with the brand Guess to her photoshoot with Billboard Magazine or her album “Camila”, the young woman knows how to do it, and we almost believe to see the reincarnation of the actress Penelope Cruz. A little bit of a woman who seems to have left to succeed!

6. Looks like Selena Gomez

If Selena Gomez had another little sister, she could have been Camila Cabello! Brunettes, the same piercing look, the same poses on Instagram, these two young women have as an air of resemblance that strikes when you take the time to compare them. At 20, Camila Cabello seems to follow closely the footsteps of her eldest, and seems destined to have so much success in music, soon the cinema to complete her CV?

Camila Cabello the new Selena Gomez

Credit: Instagram Selena Gomez, Victoria’s Secret Show, Syco, Sony

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