Cannes! I Want A Make-Up For Red Carpet For Every Seasons


Tonight begins the 66th Festival de Cannes & A rose in fashion world that opens the projection of the highly anticipated The Great Gatsby.
Who says Cannes red carpet and said necessarily beauty-look that rocks. And if our suitcase full of evening dresses already labeled the days of the week, our hesitation concerns the make-up. What in beauty to shine without being overbearing? How to mix glamor and elegance on red carpet? We follow the guide.

Every year even appointments and similar concerns around the Cannes Film Festival & Beauty side, it does not have all the chance to have a resident expert, so to ensure its entry aboard her prodigious vanity few tools for a beauty look chic summery and easy.

For a smooth and even complexion, the focus is on an Illuminator. Our favorite returns to that Clarins is mixed with a small amount of Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Base produced award-winning beauty before spreading smoothing from the center outward & A mixture that works miracles on your promises.

Cannes 2013! I Want A Make-Up For Red Carpet

For solar and glamorous look, you choose warm colors, copper, gold, our best ally? The Eyes Shadow & Liner Collection Splendours Summer Collection Clarins palette for a sophisticated look, we apply the satin rose gold on the entire eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner. Then comes the shadow liner made from the outer corner of the eye, flush with the upper lashes and in the crease of the eyelid slightly degrading the color on the eyelid. Make a slight return flush with the lower lashes to intensify the look. Take a hint of copper gold and apply it along the lashes of the lower eyelid. If you want to bring a light touch, use highlighter under the brow at the brow bone and inner corner to open her eyes. If you want to give it more depth, apply eyeliner cast over the entire length of the lash. Two coats of mascara and your look is magnetic.

Finally mouth end, dare a soft pink to soften the work of your eyes. The Red Berry Pink Clarins Eclat is our must-have.

Secure the assembly with the mist Fix Make-up Clarins and you’re ready to sparkle.

Our prescription for Clarins make-up red carpet
Instant Light Complexion
Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Base
Wonder Perfect Mascara
Splendours Eyes Shadow & Liner Palette
Fix Make-up
Red Radiance Pink Berry 05
Makeup – Cannes

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