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Since today (31 October) on the main page of the google search theme is a Halloween picture [for 2020 2021], so no harm I post about the origin of Halloween.

Based on Wikipedia, Halloween or Halloween is a tradition of celebrating the night of October 31, where the tradition is celebrated primarily in the United States. Children celebrated Halloween with scary costumes and going from door to door asking neighbors for candy or chocolate, saying, "Trick or treat ... Speech is a kind of threat, which means "Give us a (candy) or we jahili ... However, in today's children are no longer ignorant house that does not give her anything. But there are also some children who bully the people who are stingy with how to decorate a tree that was in front of their house with toilet paper or write to the windows with soap. Then, the history of Halloween itself originated from a festival celebrated by Celtic people (the population of Central Europe) ancient times. This festival for the celebration of the end of the harvest season, or so-called 'Celtic New Year'. Celtic people for generations that follow Paganism (beliefs / spiritual practices the worship of idols) use the opportunity to do the festival by slaughtering cattle and stockpiling food for the winter. Gael Nation (the indigenous tribe of ancient Ireland) believes that every October 31, the barrier between the dead and the world of the living into the open. People die to endanger people living with the disease and damage crops. While celebrating the festival, people light a bonfire Gael to burn the bones of the animals they slaughter. Gael wearing costumes and masks to impersonate the evil spirits or attempt to make peace with them. In addition, the symbol of Halloween is a universally known carved pumpkin scary face shape, which is usually called the Jack-o-lantern, and in the Jack-o-lantern is usually placed lighted candles or lights to make it look more sinister if in a dark place. In the United States itself, the Jack-o-lantern is usually placed at the front entrance of the house if it was already dark.