How To Apply Yoga Exercises With Spiritual Path

Yoga exercises is a physical practice, respiratory, mental and spiritual born in India thousands of years ago. The postures (asana), breath-control techniques (pranayama) and meditation are designed to soothe the pain and mental agitation that can emerge the awareness of our inner being.

In this Yoga is a spiritual path, but also a means of well-being. Yoga is a state of peace, unity and freedom. Yoga is in everyday life and not just in practice on the mat.

Yoga is when we are here and now. Yoga is when we are in harmony with nature. Yoga is when we choose to stop feeding suffering. Yoga, c is when we act gently and firmly. Yoga is when we step back compared to our agitation.

The yoga we teach places particular emphasis on adaptation to the person, at his/her request, to his/her age, his/her physical possibilities: anyone can practice yoga, but everyone does not practice the same way.