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Fancy a perfect Nail manicure and that takes a long time SheLookBook has compiled the best articles on the topic of advice , of pro tips , of tests to find out what varnish is for you and trends in manicure ... In addition to discovering all manicures trends like caviar manicure or velvet manicure, SheLookBook helps you have beautiful white, long and strong nails to impress all your friends! After this, you will not be able to hide your hands derriere your back. So beautiful and with shiny nails, everyone will admire them!   Tips To Have Beautiful Nails   For a successful manicure and lasts, it's not just the nail polish that counts! - Treat cuticles - Repel, - Moisturize her fingernails, - The file is: all essential steps for good nails health. Do not forget the base, before applying the color. And after your two layers of nail polish, it finalizes the manicure with a top coat! Gloss and guarantees long-lasting manicure.   What Nail manicure adopts to have pretty nails?   This year, manicurists are in originality: Caviar manicure, Fur manicure, Velvet manicure, Manicure vintage, Nails stilettos?   For which version will love you? And if the house manicurists not your thing, you will find all types of manicures available in institute. False nails, nails resin, capsules nails, gel varnish: full options available to you.   Have nice hands but it's important to have beautiful nails is even more! Sometimes ridged and brittle nails in need of care, fortunately Shelookbook gives you all the tips to have beautiful white and perfect nails.   How to grow her nails? How to have long and strong nails?   What adopt manicure: manicure caviar, velvet manicure leather manicure, and manicure vintage? Shelookbook is here to help!