5 Celebrity Braid Hairstyles to Adopt for Summer 2014 2015


Celebrity Braid Hairstyles Trend for several seasons, the braid is now a classic. Nina Dobrev, Blake Lively or Kendall Jenner, all have adopted this hairstyle. Today shelookbook.com offers 5 ways to wear the braid for summer 2014

Among hairstyles reproduce the romantic Celebrity Braid Hairstyles trend for Spring Summer 2014 is inevitably found the braid. Returned to the front of the stage there are now several seasons, this hairstyle quickly became as a summer classic. View all parades, the braid was quickly adopted by all the stars of the moment.

5 Celebrity Braid Hairstyles to Adopt for Summer 2014 2015

Top 5 Celebrity Braid Hairstyles Trend 2014 2015

So to follow the hair trend of the summer of 2014, it is definitely inspired by our favorite people! For a romantic look, we will build again the crown braid Shakira. But beware; this hairstyle will suit only those who have long hair. Otherwise, many retailers sell braided headbands. Also in the bohemian spirit, we love the braid cob Nina Dobrev will be perfect for summer 2014!

Easy to reproduce with this Celebrity Braid Hairstyles you will have a trendy look in 5 minutes. The trick is simply not to tighten the time of this mat conversely; if you want to copy the hairstyle of Eva Longoria at Cannes in 2014, then it will tighten up when you make your braid on the side. Glamour guaranteed!

Celebrity Braid Hairstyles, If you want to play Pocahontas as Kendall Jenner at Coachella in 2014, then two braids on the side are for you! Big trend this season, this hairstyle is ideal to face the heat of the summer of 2014. Beware of fashion faux-pas! To achieve this hairstyle, it will be plaits low. Otherwise, it’s Lady Lady and the Tramp, not Pocahontas that you might like! Finally, we also like the tail braided horse Blake Lively at Cannes 2014. This summer, you will undoubtedly trend on the beach with this hairstyle very easy. Blake Lively then copy again!

01. Shakira

Shakira Romantic Crown Braid Hairstyle
Shakira 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards Hero Award the voice held us look outfit crown braid

02. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Hairstyle Braid
Eva Longoria Hairstyle Braid at Cannes 2014 On Red Carpet

03. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Two Braids
Hairstyle: The two braids on the side of Kendall Jenner, a perfect hairstyle for summer 2014, Coachella 2014 kendall jenner fashion dress outfit look pocahontas rock T shirt has holes second weekend star celebrity trend trendy friends music festival music festival on April 18 April 2014

04. Blake Lively

Blake Lively braid Hairstyle
Hairstyle: It is inspired by the Blake Lively braid in Cannes 2014

05. Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev Side Braids Hairstyles
Nina Dobrev Side Braids Hairstyles

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