Celebrity hairstyles trends who says people have not lacked imagination of Met Ball, says stars hairstyles, Celebrity hairstyles trends remember, at the MTV movie awards, We had looked at the big hair trends of the ceremony! But the Met Ball, ladies showed originality and offered us a panel of all more or less different than other hairstyles. So we made you a top 10 hairstyles that should not be missed!

Top 10 Big Celebrity Hairstyles Trends Trends

01. Chloe Sevigny takes the bull by the horns! Or rather braids with this hairstyle that not used to seeing on the red carpet.Original and bold actress has dared Boys Do not Cry and why we said yes!

Celebrity Hairstyles Trends

02. No doubt about it, Beyonce was the queen of the ceremony. All in elegance, the young woman wore a perfect bun plated, gently covered with a black veil tulle Givenchy. 100% chic and frizz beyond what … Queen B!

Beyonce Bun plated hairstyles

03. Diane Kruger is embodied class, a radiant face, delicate features and a taste for aesthetics. This is exactly what we found in her hair. A bun / banana seem to be alone. Another success for Diane!

Diane Kruger bun banana hairstyles
Diane Kruger bun banana hairstyles

04. If Amber Heard hairstyle seemed harmless at first glance, it was not that much … A bit like the beautiful that put the hook on Johnny Depp! With its swirl of nodes to form an artistic peak Amber is in the trend of “plastered on the side and convex in the center”

Amber heard Low Bun Hairstyle

05. Taylor Swift Was the nineteenth century is played on the red carpet last night and in her hair she also sported a wavy Old School which was very well with its enchanting dress. Still radiant Taylor!

Taylor Swift Short Curly hairstyle
Taylor Swift Short Curly hairstyle

06. For the actress and singer Brie Larson originality was also present on its head. Sculptures were decidedly hair fashion on May 5! If Amber preferred to have behind the head, Brie, she wants it well above.

Brie Larson high bun hairstyle

07. Lily Allen had also full head nodes, in addition to stars in their eyes. It is in a braided and knotted the singer consolidated its black mane bun. A very 50s style in perfect agreement with her eyeliner cat eyes trait.

Lily Allen round braided hairstyle with cat eye liner
Lily Allen round braided hairstyle with cat eye liner

08. For Chloe Moretz simplicity prevailed last night. If her dress Chanel has surprised many, she preferred to stay sober on the hair. With her baby doll look and her bangs pulled back, Chloe was lovely!

Chloe Moretz simple long hairstyle

09. Jessica Alba has also starred in the simplicity, and it pays! With its African braid bun hidden under her wavy mane and wick it was Shambling … From beauty!

jessica alba african braid bun hairstyle

010. Cara Delevingne closes this top with her wavy curly in English it has gathered on the side. An incredible elegance to the top we do not usually see on her 31. One can even enjoy getting pampered on her Instagram. Sure, her hair was forgiven with Anna Wintour for not wearing dress.

Cara Delevingne wavy curly hairstyle

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