Chanel The Solutions 10 Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin Beauty


Chanel has just lifted the veil on its first moisturizer for sensitive skin formulated with ten ingredients only. Called The Solution 10, this worked miracles and relieves tightness beyond rude. The news has just come;

A newcomer enters the range of care Chanel and it is called The Solution 10. This product in pristine and minimalist white packaging contains a moisturizing substance that soothes sensitive skin. Focus on this new product which will be found soon in our vanity.

Chanel The Solutions 10 Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin Beauty
Chanel! New product The Solution 10 will be found soon in our vanity.

But what The Solution 10?

“Solution 10” is a non-greasy cream for the face that helps protect sensitive skin.

His powers?

This cream moisturizes the skin to its maximum, protects against pollution and slows the aging of our little face. For those who tend to see redness appear because of stress, you now hold the solution to all your problems.

It’s main ingredients?

To compose this great novelty, Chanel Research drew on the benefits of white tea, shea butter, and glycerin. The 10 ingredients are noted on the packaging prominently so that you can read this wonderful addition, the magic formula.

“Solution 10” Does it smell? Is it pleasant to apply?

Yes, this product emits a discreet and comforting fragrance. Moreover, it proves absolutely pleasant to apply on the skin thanks to its soft texture and light. Once tested, you really can not do without.

What is the price?

€ 74.00. Certainly it is a cost, but “Solution 10” can really be compared to a multipurpose remedy for those suffering from pollution, cold, stress, and redness caused by many things. With its ten ingredients, Chanel now has the solution for fragile skin after twenty years of persistent research.

Chanel New Product for Soothes Sensitive Skin
The Solution 10 by Chanel is a non-greasy moisturizes cream for sensitive skin

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