Chestnut Hair Color: The Most Beautiful Brown Nuances Of The Stars


A warm tone with a slightly red shimmer – this is how the chestnut hair color can be described. Together with a structured haircut, the dark brown nuance is particularly effective. So not only the red but also the honey-yellow shades are particularly beautiful. The stars are also fascinated by the seductive color and proudly show themselves in new splendor on the red carpet.

How to style the sensual and intense brown tone likes the actresses Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore, and Dakota Johnson, you will find in the article.

The chestnut hair color: The sensual reddish brown nuance of Drew Barrymore

The classic reddish-brown nuance enhances the pink complexion of actress Drew Barrymore. The brown tone is especially feminine and sensual in women with green and gray eyes. Hairstyles with waves that frame the face create volume and create a seamless transition between the two nuances.

Chestnut Hair Color Drew Barrymore Reddish Brown Waves

The Chestnut Hair Color With Accents Of Honey Brown: Dakota Johnson Demonstrates It

The chestnut hair color with delicate honey brown reflections of actress Dakota Johnson looks modern and young. The light strands of hair give the haircut structure and are the perfect choice for women with a cool complexion and blue or green eyes. The intense tint ensures a shiny finish.

Chestnut Hair Color Stars Dakota Fanning Ponytail Crest

If, at any rate, the strong nuance is not regularly maintained, the hair will soon be glossy and lifeless again. As far as styling is concerned, the imagination knows no bounds. Dakota has her chestnut mane tied to a ponytail – looks elegant and fresh at the same time.

The Chestnut Hair Color In The Ombre Look: Jessica Alba Relies On Blonde Highlights

Women with olive skin or complexion with a slightly yellow undertone, the classic chestnut nuance is just not good. Instead, Jessica Alba chooses an ombre look: the slight color gradient looks natural, as it gets brighter by two-three shades from the tips down. The hair color is especially good for ladies with dark eyes. Together with Caramel Brown and Honey Blonde, the chestnut Nuance can unfold its full glory.

Chestnut Hair Color Jessica Alba Bright Gold Blonde Strands

The Chestnut Hair Color Of Priyanka Chopra Exudes Sophistication

The actress Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss India and Miss World, knows what makes her dark complexion shine: a chestnut nuance with a golden shimmer. By the way, ladies with dark eyes are especially good. The warm hazelnut reflexes are even more effective thanks to the elegant wave hairstyle. In addition a red lipstick – and already the party look is rounded.

Chestnut Hair Color Priyanka Chopra Waves Red Touch Gloss Finnish

Medium Brown Hair Color With Highlights: The Styling Is Experiencing A Real Comeback

Medium brown hair with dark blond highlights – this is clearly no longer trendy, right? Not correct. As the model Lily Aldridge shows highlights experience a real comeback. Just matching the retro look: a retro hairstyle from the 90s.

Chestnut Hair Color Lily Aldridge Bright Strands Of Blonde Waves

The half-ponytail, in which the top hair is tied into a ponytail and the lengths remain open, conquered the hearts of fashionistas behind the ocean. Ideal for curly hair – even light waves give the hairstyle more structure.

Chestnut Hair Color For Short Hair: In Alexa Chung, The Color Course Looks Natural

Women with short hair and bob hairstyles can opt for an a-la-Alexa-Chung hair color – the designer showed up with a subtle gradient from chestnut to a golden brown. At the top, the hair color has red parts, below it shimmers in warm dark blond shades.

Chestnut Hair Color Alexa Chung Golden Brown Short Bob

The elegant mix is actually called Bronde and has been very much in fashion since this summer. The lively play of colors still looks natural and is suitable for the office.

Timelessly elegant: The chestnut hair color by Emma Watson

The actress Emma Watson presented her new hair color Chestnut with a timelessly elegant, inspired by the 60s hairstyle. Her smooth hair was combed back; the side parts with clasps behind the ears stuck. The volume at the back and the top is typical of the hairstyles of the time of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Chestnut Hair Color Emma Watson Mahogany Reddish Golden Brown Hair Dye

Like the hair color. Women with a bright, cool complexion and dark eyes can wear the chestnut color without highlights, gradients, and undertones.

Copper shine in the brown hair: The seductive hair color of the model Taylor Hill

The Victoria’s Secret Model Taylor Hill showed her new sensual hair color: the chestnut definitely takes a back seat in this case. Instead, the copper shine attracts attention.

Chestnut Hair Color Medium-Long Waves Hair Gold Honey Stars Taylor Hill

The mid-brown nuance absorbs the light and reflects it – so the shiny hair of the pretty brunette underscores her spirited side. Perfect for ladies with a pink complexion with a yellowish undertone and green or light brown eyes.

As Kissed By The Sun: The hair color of Elizabeth Olson

As kissed by the summer sun: this is how the hair of the Olson siblings look. For the final result to be convincing, the starting color plays a decisive role. She should be between dark blonde and light brown. In women with bleached hair, the red portion has already been removed and the color may differ from the desired shade.

Chestnut Hair Color Elizabeth Olson Long Hair Gold Undertone

The exciting color mix looks very natural and is definitely suitable for everyday use. The actress wears her mane with a side parting.

Strong Chestnut Color With Reddish Reflections: The Harmonious Interplay Has Made Emma Stone A Style Icon

The hair color of Emma Stone made her a real style icon. The actress has opted for a rich maroon nuance with many red highlights. In the end, it is difficult to assess whether the hair is red or tan.

Chestnut Hair Color Red Brown Dark Bob Hairstyle Emma Stone

Emma straightens her hair – unlike curls and waves, the gentle transition plays a crucial role here. Definitely a job for the hairdresser – you have to work very accurately.

Further hair colors can be found in the photo gallery below.

Golden Brown Enhances The Fresh Complexion Of Lucy Hale

Chestnut Hair Color Lucy Hail Trend Setters

Alexis Bledel Is Especially Good At Chestnut Hair Color

Chestnut Hair Color Alexis Bledel Red Stripes Long Straight Hair

Anne Hathaway Has Kept The Red Reflexes To A Minimum

Chestnut Hair Color Chocolate Brown Stars Anne Hathaway

Nina Dobrev Wears Her Hair As Close To Her Natural Hair Color As Possible

Maroon Hair Color Gloss Stars Nina Dobrev

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