Chic Homemade Jams


Summer nature offers us the best fruit jam, strawberries, raspberries, apricots, plums … We enjoy a holiday free time to engage in the confections delicious marmalade and jams, remember that throughout the year the flavor of these moments.

Chic Homemade Jams

Successful Jam

For jams full of flavor, we choose ripe fruits and fragrant and cooked as soon as possible, so that they retain their entire flavor. In summer you can enjoy numerous promotions, especially if you’re lucky enough to be on holiday in a region that produces fruit!

Sugar side, we can use the simple sugar, but there is a large distribution of sugar jam says: it contains pectin, a derivative of some fruits like apples, the gelling properties. There are in principle a kilo of sugar per kilo of fruit peeled and pitted if necessary but from 800 g of sugar per kilo of fruit, jam take as well: do so at your taste! With sweet fruits such as quince or pear, add lemon juice per pound of fruits to acidify the preparation.

Jams Easily

The simplest technique for making jam is cooked directly over high heat all the fruit and sugar, possibly after leaving them macerate together overnight in the refrigerator.

For fast cooking, it is ideal for small quantities from 1 to 2 kilos of fruit, for example, and use a copper preserving pan which conducts heat better and has a large evaporation surface Otherwise, a stainless steel pan with a thick bottom vessel or pressure cooker will do the trick, but not especially aluminum containers: fruit acidity attack the walls!

Watch your jam: first fruit water evaporates and is removed with skimmer impurities that rise to the surface. Then jam takes very quickly to know when it is ready, place a drop on a regular cold plate. Once it freezes, it’s good!

Put Jam Jars

While cooked jam, sterilize your jars: boil water in a bowl cut the fire and wait for the set to cool them off. Jam jars Ben gets a little hot liquid.

For seal, here is a very simple technique: screw lids jars immediately after filled with hot jam, turn them: jam cooling shrinks and creates a vacuum which protects for a year.

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