Children’s Haircut For Girls: Short, Bob, Shoulder Length Or Longer?


In addition, the children’s haircuts for girls should not be a reason for a bad mood. Gone are the days when only long hair was beautiful.

Short haircuts like Bob and Pixie are cool today and can be proudly worn by little girls. Would this child hairstyle be something for your little princess? Take a look at our small collection of pretty hairstyles and choose the haircut that suits your daughter best.

Hair is an important issue for women. The perfect hairstyle can really bring out the face and be an expression of personality. Even little girls are pretty vain about their hair.

Before you let your daughter miss a haircut, it’s better to do some research and bring in your own ideas to help the hairdresser. The first and most important thing is that the girls’ haircut fits well with your daughter’s face shape. However, the face shape of a baby changes with age. Infants usually have a round face that can later become oval or oblong.

Before you decide to do a haircut, bear in mind that short hair in toddlers is also much more practical and easier to care for. Working mothers usually have no time for elaborate braiding hairstyles. Simple and short hairstyles like the bob, however, always look well-groomed. Below we have put together some of the most popular girls’ hairstyles to give you some suggestions.

Children’s Haircuts for Girls – Pixie, Tomboy Cut

This haircut is fashionable and yet easy to care for. Short hair is handy for washing, drying, and combing. This hairstyle will spare you elaborate hair styling and at the same time show your sense of style.

Face Type: Long, Oval Hair

Face Type: Straight or wavy hair

Children’s Haircuts: Classic Bob Hairstyle

The classic, chin-length bob is one of the most popular haircuts for toddlers. It fits best with straight hair and a thin face. This haircut is easy to care for and you can spice it up easily with headbands and creative hair clips.

Face Type: Oval, Round, narrow, heart-shaped Hair

Type: Smooth, thin hair

Asymmetrical Bob

Children’s Haircuts is a great idea if you want to upgrade the classic bob. Just ask your child’s hairdresser to cut shorter at the back and longer at the front. Another option would be to leave the hair part longer on one side than on the other.

Face type: Oval, Round, narrow, heart-shaped Hair

Type: Smooth, thin hair

Shoulder long Hair

With shoulder-length hair, you as a parent cannot go wrong. This hairstyle is much easier to care for than long hair and looks pretty feminine. With this hair, the length can also conjure up various children’s hairstyles.

Face Type: oval, long

Hair Type: smooth, thin, curly

Straight Pony

Fringe hairstyles work great with thin hair. Little girls can wear a straight pony in combination with Bob or with long hair.

Face Type: Oval, Long Hair

Type: Straight, Thin Hair

Angled Pony

Much like the straight bangs, this hairstyle looks very nice when the girl has thin straight hair. The best way to work the oblique pony is with a stepped cut, which conjures even more volume in the hair.

Face Type: Round,

Heart-shaped Hair Type: Smooth, thin, or slightly wavy hair

Long Hair With Step Cut

Meter-long hair is usually the first choice of little girls. To bring the hairstyle in shape, a step cut is ideal. Note, however, that steps thin the hair and are therefore not recommended for fine hair.

Face type: All facial types – long, oval, round, heart-shaped Hair

Type: curls, thick, heavy hair

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