Chloe Norgaard rainbow hair stood at the Roda-rte fashion show Fashion Week in New York where the American model Chloe Norgaard caused a sensation with her rainbow hair look.

Every Fashion Week surprise. So that in Paris Karl Lagerfeld surprised everyone by presenting two married at the end of her Haute Couture fashion show in response to the passage of the gay marriage law in New York is marking the Rodarte shot by scrolling a model rather surprising.

Chloe Norgaard Rainbow Hair

Chloe Norgaard Rainbow Hair

Fashion Week New York 2022 which ends today will have seen Chloe Norgaard literally explode. But what this model so special? Chloe Norgaard catches the eye with its rainbow hair color which blends apple green, orange and pink, a strange color for a mannequin Fashion Week to be normally neutral for its passage and create cohesion with the rest of the models.

Rodarte did not hear well and has the audacity to its maximum by scrolling the young woman in the middle of the show. Chloe Norgaard rainbow hair knowing that parades trends give us next should we expect to see over the rainbow hair? And especially should we adopt? They tell you the pros and cons.

Once past the surprise wonder if still adopt such an experiment hair is a good idea. Indeed even if one finds the brilliant idea of alienation from everyone with such colors in her hair there are two or three things that we may put off a bit.

The first thing is that Chloe Norgaard is originally blonde fair skinned and adopts a style of dress quite “cool”. Loose T-shirts we see it shoot well Margaux Lonneberg collections, denim shorts with fringes visible or Vans sneakers worn parts are the American model. Close to the mainstream models like Alice Dellal and Charlotte Free, Chloe Norgaard highlights a look beauty more frank and colorful seems to suit designers like Rodarte.

But in everyday life is it really possible? Do you see yourself going to school or work with these colors in your hair? It designs and valid only parts chic combo would be perfect Rodarte proves it but without the fitted wardrobe and especially the attitude is that the rainbow hair is not “too much”? It has fear. The best thing to do is try it at home and we have no doubt that most fashionistas and reckless of you will be tempted by the trend started in New York by Chloe Norgaard.

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