New Chocolate Mauve Color For Brown Hair Styling 2020 2021


A new chocolate mauve color trend for the many ladies dream of a new hairstyling. This is the so-called Mauve effect for chocolate-brown hair. Anyone looking for new hair colors. that are both effective and trendy at the same time cannot go wrong with this combination.

Even though the delicate color of Mauve is anything but natural, the basic color and the application technique create an impressive natural look. which almost everyone would like to have.

We would like to explain to you in this article. In addition, we have some sample pictures and color variations for the chocolate hair color with the color Mauve, so that you also get some suggestions when you want to color your hair.

Chocolate Mauve Color – What does it look like?

Subtle Look Shimmer Pink

As already mentioned a warm chocolate is the basic color of this styling. A variety of nuances can be chosen at will. If you like it brighter, you can just as much like the chocolate mauve color as those who prefer darker hair.

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The brown tones are enhanced by a delicate pink. which is known for the pretty flowers of the mallow (hence the name). The nuance can also vary here and can be chosen according to taste.

Mauve Color Chocolate Red Shimmer Balayage Hair Trends

For a natural transition and look, The ombre-like styling is achieved by coloring the color freely into the hair.

Since this is not so easy for beginners, one should also turn to the professional for the Chocolate Mauve color.


8. Where does the idea come from?

The inventor of the Chocolate Mauve color for the hair is the New York hairstylist Hanna Edelman.

The idea for the new trend color came about spontaneously as the stylist decided to use some remaining pastel tones from the summer months of last year and mix them together to see what is going to happen.

Quickly, the color turned into the color and hair trends for fall. The subtle and pleasant accents make us feel more fresh, which can be very beneficial for our styling in the cool autumn.


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