Chocolate Mousse Cream – Make Yourself Some Cool Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse cream is a true dessert star of French cuisine. Thanks to the endless variations (whole milk, bittersweet, white, flavored, etc.), the fluffy dessert simply never goes out of fashion. But how exactly does this airy delicacy succeed? I got to the bottom of it.

Where does Chocolate Mousse Cream come from?

As the melodious name already reveals: Mousse Chocolat comes naturally from France. “Mousse” means “foam”, which describes the wonderful, fine-pored consistency of the small chocolate bomb quite well. Dessert was first mentioned in the 18th century – who served the dessert for the first time, unfortunately, can not understand. So I just say thank you France.

Chocolate Mousse Cream

The beginning is chocolate: the right chocolate for mousse au chocolate

The much-held opinion that you can use for cooking inferior wine and for baking or desserts like cheap chocolate, is simply wrong. Your Mousse au Chocolat can only taste as good as the chocolate you use. And that’s what the sweet dessert is all about – the full-bodied chocolate flavor.

If the chocolate has too much acid, your mousse tastes that way too. If it is too greasy, your mousse will be heavy instead of airy. So: Just give it a second, two euros more, and grab your favorite chocolate.

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Chocolate Mousse Cream with Dark Chocolate

Traditionally, dark chocolate with 55 – 70% cocoa content is used. If you want to refine your mousse with alcohol such as rum or cognac, then calmly fall back on the really tart chocolate with 70% cocoa content. So the mousse is really nice full-bodied.

Chocolate Mousse Cream With Milk Chocolate

If you like it sweeter, you can also use milk chocolate without any problems. But that is really only something for absolute sweet mouths.

My tip: mix sweet milk chocolate and dark chocolate in a ratio of 1: 1.

Chocolate Mousse Cream With White Chocolate

Looks like little clouds and tastes like that: sweet and mild.

Caution: White chocolate may look innocent but requires a little skill. First, it must not be too hot when melting, otherwise, it will clot. But it must not be too cold either; otherwise, it will clump on stirring.

Little trick: Make the lip sample before folding. Put a drop of the liquid chocolate on the lip – it feels comfortable, it has the right temperature. Here’s the recipe.

This will make your mousse chocolate airy

How does she get into the mousse, the air? Beat first, then stroke – that’s the secret recipe. Sounds strange, I know. But fortunately, I mean only eggs and cream.

Now the dough scraper may reappear. Turn the bowl a little bit each time – prick and pull, prick and pull…

  • First, beat up the egg yolks with sugar and a little hot water until creamy. By breaking the egg binds air. The heat stops it and can hold the air better.
  • Then you gently lower the melted chocolate.
  • Finally, beat up the egg whites and cream separately. Again, a lot of air comes into play.
  • To avoid all the air from the ice cream and whipped cream, use a spatula and proceed as follows: “stab” in the middle of the dough, pull the scraper along the bottom to the edge of the bowl and then turn the bowl 90 degrees.

First, add a small portion of egg whites and cream to make it much easier and all the ingredients will bond better.

The strong beating would make any air escape from the mousse and everything would collapse sadly.

Better than in France: Mousse au Chocolat – the basic recipe

A lot of noise about nothing? From because – rather: Much noise for air. So swing the whisk and go!

Step by step to the homemade chocolate mousse.


Chocolate Mousse Cream


Beat the cream until stiff, put it aside. Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites until stiff, put aside.


Stir egg yolks with a dash of hot water until creamy. Let sugar trickle over.


Lift melted chocolate under the yolk.


First, fold in a small portion of egg whites until the mixture is homogeneous, then fold in the rest of the egg whites. Even with the cream just fold in a part, then add the rest. Cold mousse for at least 2 hours. Garnish with berries or chocolate before serving.

The grand entrance: Serve mousse au chocolat

Your mousse au chocolate is ready and you’re as proud as Oscar? Well then treat the dessert to the big show that deserves it. Remove your mousse from the fridge 15-20 minutes before eating. Only at room temperature unfold the chocolate flavors completely be. How you do it is up to you.

Arrange mousse au chocolate in a classic way

Dip a tablespoon in warm water and prick the mousse cams. If you want, you can arrange a saucepan from your favorite dessert sauce next to the mousse. Add a few berries and your deluxe dessert is ready.

Mousse au chocolate in glass

Currently, desserts in small portion glasses are totally in demand. To ensure that the mousse adapts to the glass, it is best to fill it even before it is cold. Now it is still a bit liquid and can be portioned much easier.

Decorate mousse au chocolat

What is best for chocolate?

Exactly: chocolate. Planed chocolate is especially nice for the dessert. To do this, use the blade of a sharp knife to drive over a block of chocolate and slice a few thin layers.

Nuts also do a good job on your Mousse au Chocolat. How about z. With a few planed almonds or chopped walnuts?

Pretty old school, but still popular, is a sprig of mint on your mousse.

Mousse au chocolate with fruits

In addition to your mousse, berries not only look great, they also taste great with chocolate. Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are best since they contain only little acid and the mousse does not steal the show.

Keep mousse au chocolate

The eyes were once again bigger than the mouth. And you have some mousse left? No problem, because Mousse au Chocolate is great to keep.

In the refrigerator

Since raw eggs are processed in fresh mousse, you should not keep it in the refrigerator for more than 4 days. So that it does not accept any foreign flavors, it is best to cover it with foil or put it in a sealable food storage box.

Freeze mousse au chocolate

Other Mousse you can freeze without problems. Just in a sealable plastic box give and off you go into the freezer. There she lives well and likes 3 months. If necessary simply thaw at room temperature.

A little tip: Semi-frozen, the mousse tastes almost better than completely thawed.

Chocolate Mousse Cream In a Glass Ready in 15 Minutes

Chocolate mousse cream is all they who love sweets for which is not required oven as well as need to set aside little time this is the recipe as well as created for you. Try out the chocolate foamy cream in a glass for which you do not need more than 15 minutes…


  • 300 grams quality dark chocolates (about 70 percent cocoa)
  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ cups (around 55 g) sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa in powdered (free of lumps)
  • 300 ml sweet cream (cream for whipped cream)
  • little grated chocolates for decoration
  • Yummy! chocolate Cake created for beginners

“Seasonal chocolate mousse in a glass of speed is a recipe that in just 15 minutes can make an everyone”

Chocolate Mousse Cream Preparation Step By Step:

Melt chocolate on equal in a pot with kalanchoes on very low heat. When fully melted pull off is s fire and leave to be a little cooled down.

In a bowl mix, the eggs and sugar as well as blender stir about 5 minutes or until the mixture does not become pale, dense, and of Double volume.

U mixture you add melted chocolate and cocoa in powdered as well as everything together puree in a blender while not receiving any creamy mass.

you special a bowl puree in a blender whipped cream. When is a ready-large metal spoon gradually adding the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture as well as it with the hand slow movements stir till all together do not a rate into a light, foamy mass?

Cream pour into 6 glasses of as well as leave in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Take them out from the refrigerator about 15 minutes before the servant. Po optionally decorates with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

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