Choose! What Heel Height Is Right For Me Should I Wear


Heel height symbol of glamour and femininity, the heels allow us to get high and extend our silhouette but still need to choose the right heel height to avoid sprains or unsteady steps into the street. Coils heels, wedges or stilettos? shelookbook reports on the different heights of heels!

Women love the heels, whether small, medium, high or even dizzy. I must say they offer something.

They give the appearance by lengthening our silhouette slimming us and allow us to adopt the right posture straighter, more assertive.

Also required glamour and sexy, heels are the symbol of femininity. But he must know how to choose and how to walk with heels! So rather small heels or heels?

Flat Shoes

Flip-flops, the sandals or ballerinas: flat shoes as we search for comfort. No need to fear a sprain, you can frolic all day without effort.

But even if the flat shoes such as ballet can seem comfortable and practical, wear them in moderation!

Walking too often dish is not good for our arch. Feel free to vary the heights as the shoes you wear.

Small heel (0-5 cm)

The kitten heels and chiquets heels are two types of small heels that can get high without too much difficulty.

If you are not comfortable perched on stilettos ten centimeters, small heels are a good alternative!

For extra stability, choose small Wedge : comfortable and practical, they lengthen your figure look like much!

Otherwise, opt for square or rectangular heels more stable because larger, they will prevent your missteps.

Warning, consider varying heights because with the small heel of the foot arch is not natural.

Means heels (5 to 10 centimeters)

The average heels are the most popular because they allow lengthening the silhouette without being too giddy.

You can wear them both at work and in the evening if you do not have too sore feet!

Beginners prefer to choose heels 5 or 6 cm: perfect for training to walk in high heels !

To start, go for closed shoes, like derbies, to securely hold your foot and avoid sprains.

High heels (more than 10 centimeters)

Symbol of femininity and glamor, high heels are more complicated to carry for a whole day. But if you have the habit, go for it!

Choose stable patterns to prevent loss of unsightly balance. The heels are often the hardest to bear. Again, it’s all about driving!

Tricks to good wear high heels

When you try your store shoes, always try both feet. You will always have a “stronger” than the other foot.

Do not hesitate to walk long in the store to be sure that the shoes are comfortable.

If your foot is too arched in your shoes, slide a thin silicone soles at the plate. In addition, these shoes are very comfortable and avoid overheating.

Choose trays shoe and your foot will be less arched! You’ll see 10 centimeters heels seem much more comfortable with a tray of 3 centimeters.


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