Why Choose The Make-Up Brushes Synthetic To Natural Ones?

Why Choose The Make-Up Brushes Synthetic To Natural Ones?
Why Choose The Make-Up Brushes Synthetic To Natural Ones?

PETA has no doubts who loves animals should never use make-up brushes with natural bristles but the reasons for choosing the synthetic go beyond the ethical issues. Hygiene first!

In the era of bio cosmetics revolution we are accustomed to associate the adjective “natural” to something positive and in harmony with the hemisphere. Well, when it comes to makeup brushes the dynamic is disrupted. If you love animals in our chosen field make-up must be on synthetic bristles a good option not only for its ethics but also for many other reasons.

To begin brushes with natural bristles are made from the hair of horses, squirrels, raccoons, goats and other mammals. As well as human hair also the structure of the animal hair is porous with the result that it is easier than sticking to bacteria, dust, allergens and dirt. All things then we’re going to hang in your face if you do not regularly wash equipment make-up.

And in this connection it should be said that even make cleaning more difficult. Of course to avoid damaging the tip of the brush we will necessarily use natural products that do not attack the neutral bristle. You typically use the shampoo for children who have a good emollient or cleaners designed specifically for ad hoc do no harm to the brush.

Even the synthetic version requires some care but in spite of the natural bristle that’s not organic retains less dirt is sometimes treated with antibacterial system and is easier to clean. For all these reasons also its duration is greater and guesses what it is also less likely that the bristles start to come off when the brush starts to age.

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Another incentive to choose the synthetic is that rarely causes allergies on sensitive skin. It is well known fact that many people are allergic to animal hair and risk sunburn, rashes and redness generalized if could put in face products made with this material. The bristle nylon or other fiber technique, except subjective feeling, does not cause problems and is indeed comfortable and well tolerated by the epidermis.

But then in the face of all these reasons because many (including some make-up artist) continue to prefer natural brushes? In the beginning was for two reasons the softness and comfort of application for some cosmetics. Just because the animal hair has the power to retain and gradually release the products with which it comes into contact the much loved light and faded effect without color smear it is much easier to accomplish.

There is however, saying that with the technological evolution in the field of cosmetics synthetic brushes that are born perfectly emulate both the softness is the “performance” of natural brothers and remember to close with the ethical issue already mentioned in the opening post which brushes to choose cruelty free is the only way to be sure not to harm the animals.

Do you know how many brands that deal with natural brushes are not against the use of fur for clothing or carry out tests on the creatures of the other products of their lines? Unfortunately many although it is difficult to say.

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