Choose The Suitable Hair Straightened For Your Hair


 Hair StraightenedThe Hair Straightened comes in several formats to allow you to display hair smooth and silky. Here are some tips for choosing your best hair straightened.

Hair Straightened Tourmaline Plates or Ceramic?

On the market, there are ceramic plates in straightness and tourmaline. The ceramic plates are designed for curly or straight hair. Thanks to the homogeneous heat distribution, we easily obtain immediate smoothing and harmonious. These plates also offer a perfect glide for smooth hair as desired and suitable for both dry hairs, mixed as bold. Therefore, they are recommended for fine hair. Tourmaline plates, on the other hand are made from semi-precious stones. Having antistatic properties, they avoid the effects of electricity on the hair. This kind of plates adapts very well to the hair frizzy and curly because it is more powerful and can straighten hair a few minutes.

Some Tips For Better Use The Hair Straightened

If you have short hair, choose the narrow plates. Medium plates fit very well with medium length hair, while the large plates are recommended for long hair. Most plates today antistatic properties with ionic technology. The strengtheners also have homogeneous vapor diffusion. By relaxing the muscles capillary effect this ensures smooth hair. Choose the straightener respecting the nature of your hair: fine, curly or thick to prevent damage to the fibers. Know before and after smoothing, moisturizing is very important to protect the hair.

Smoothers Hair Straightened

Here is a selection of new smoothing out in 2012. At GHD, straighteners specialist products are becoming more accurate. Ghd stylers are now the available package With the Peacock collection GHD; you will not hurt your hair every morning. In addition, the brand offers three fashion colors and a nice case for storage devices. This colorful collection is a limited edition, so do not wait! In addition, the Calor brand innovates its products every day. It offers different types of hair straightness according to your needs. The hair straightener respectissim Liss is essential for the perfect hairstyle while respecting the hair. The straightener liss dual technology combines stretch and smoothed to beautify the hair while the straightener curls pro looped allows you to create curls and waves perfect.

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