Choosing Jewelry Based On Its Morphology And Personality


How to choose her jewelry originals? Practical fashion advice to make the right choice and match so trendy elegant or trendy jewelry with your fashion accessories and clothing.

Choosing Jewelry Based On Its Morphology And Personality

To find out which type or style ornaments go well with your face your personality and your desires these are practical and useful fashion advice for everyday life. Trendy fashionable ideas to create style and stand by its singularity This is how to compose an ideal wardrobe and custom that will not fit exactly as you only need to define and set to be fashionable and renew constantly. This is your source of inspiration.

Practical fashion advice

It is important to choose accessories fashion trend but also the original jewelry or ethnic suit your style and your body helps to optimize its appearance and unique style.

The choice of jewelry!

The jewelry whether precious or fancy main objective is to make us shine and showcase what we have more beautiful.

How to choose jewelry?

Valuable, fancy, unique, unusual, classic or modern, it takes for all styles all tastes and all personalities!

How to choose necklace original?

Good length shape and size can help to lengthen the neck and face shot refine and enhance the bust. The necklace draws attention to the neck and décolleté. Wearing jewelry is a state of mind foremost; you must have the intention to develop.

How to choose necklace?

Necklaces necklace falling V neckline flatter round faces.
Faces in heart square or rectangular collars are well more rounded.
Many models that lie flat on the skin are preferred for buxom women.
Large beads or pendants do add to the imposing silhouette. A try with caution.

How to choose ethnic jewelry?

Jewelry ethnic jewelry that has a soul and a strong personality it is good to have in her jewelry box for accessorizes your wardrobe in a flash with clothing rather classic. Already what we recommend is to select real ethnic jewelry which is made by tribes or ethnic groups in the world not imitations that have no style. Once unearthed your ethnic ornaments earrings or necklace ethnic superimposed to a tunic or dress vintage united. The purpose and value to the jewelry so opt for one beautiful and elegant jewelry and apparel. You will see that a wink to go create a style.

How to choose earrings

Ideal to illuminate the face and away the attention of some facial flaws that we wish to hide.
Again the shape of the loops must balance the shape of your face not reproduce.

The dangling earrings

The pendant can lengthen the neck and face they lengthen the silhouette and highlight a classy and elegant style. Choosing earrings dangling too long it should not fall below the jaw. If you take really long choose the large too.

The hoop earrings

The rectangular faces are very well Creole.
With a round face avoid anything that is big too round and adds volume to the ear lobe.

Loops pearls

This is a must have in your wardrobe is the bohemian chic door; they create a unique look that will enhance your face if you wear hair up. The size depends on the size of your ears; do not choose too large curls bet on elegance and discretion.

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