Christina Aguilera’s in Black Dress by Victoria Beckham at Time 100 Gala & Visibly thinner With Diet Bears Fruit


Christina Aguilera’s in Black Dress by Victoria Beckham

In recent weeks, Christina Aguilera seems to have taken a decision to take her hand silhouette.

There are a few months; Christina Aguilera had a much pulpy body than in the past. Exit the skinny girl who sang “Genie in a Bottle,” the star said fully assumes this new silhouette.

And assert that she never loved her slim body, obtained to restrictions and sports excessively & Pressure posed to it her record eventually causes it to crack. Exit the singer strict diet and control freak old Christina Aguilera allowed self to indulge.

Christina Aguilera's in Black Dress

The problem is that the outfits chosen (leopard ruffled dresses, body and fishnet stockings) and overdose of make-up have quickly transformed into cagole.

We admit, we thought she was lost without more control over the look. But it was without counting on a new turnaround. For the past few weeks, the star seems to take her physical in hand.

Christina Aguilera's in Black Dress

We do not know (yet) her secret, if it cracks like Kelly Osbourne for pizza in the morning, reducing portions during the day or if it is put to the alkaline diet as Victoria Beckham but in any case, she lost weight!

Christina Aguilera's in Black Dress

Invited to the event organized by the magazine Time Tuesday evening, she made a strong impression in a black dress by Victoria Beckham. More sober (except for her peroxide blond always) she had the lighter than usual makeup on hand. A good place for the star appears on the path of beauty redemption after all the missteps of the past.

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